A lonely girl in a not so quiet place. Whats the likelyness of that? Not much, and yet Lee manages it. Ever since she became a transfer student from China she knew shed never fit in. Her secret? Well you'll just have to wait and find out.


2. Chance

Harry ran to the edge of the cliff to watch her fly away. What a mysterious girl, he thought. The area wasn't very populated, it's no wonder she chose here to take off. Soon the girl disappeared from his sight. Excited and bewildered, Harry ran home.
Lee loved the feel of the wind blowing through her hair. Her outstretched wings glided through the air. She did a little spin through the air and smiled. She couldn't imagine life without being able to fly. There was nothing better than it. She landed in front of a cave, her feet sinking in the sand. "Time to go for a nice long swim."
She walked into the cave and took off her plain white dress. She stuffed thr dress lazily into her bag and folded her wings in tightly into her back. Once that was done she ran to the water and dove in. The cold water slid across her back. In an instant her wings snapped out and she was gliding through the water. Bubbles trailed behind her leaving the water boiling. She swam to the surface and looked up at the setting sun.
"What a beautiful day.."she smiled to herself and flew out of the water, high into the air. Once she was high enough she tucked in her wings and let her self fall. She shot down like a rocket. Just before she hit the water she snapped her wings out and glided smoothly through the water once again. She swam straight back to shore and dragged her bag out of the cave.
Lee sat down in the sun and began to dry off slowly. Suddenly there was a high pitched beep and in an instant everything went black.
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