A lonely girl in a not so quiet place. Whats the likelyness of that? Not much, and yet Lee manages it. Ever since she became a transfer student from China she knew shed never fit in. Her secret? Well you'll just have to wait and find out.


1. Just The Beginning

She sat quietly watching the sunset, her feet dangling over the edge of the cliff. She leaned forward and let herself fall off the cliff. To somebody else it would look like a suicide drop. As Harry watched from his hiding place that's exactly what it looked like as he watched the beautiful girl fall from her seat.
He almost ran to grab her but knew he'd be too late. As he sat he heard a loud snap. He winced at the sound, assuming it was the crack of the girls bone, but as he stood he saw something magnificent. The girl had not fallen to her death, she'd merely fallen to rise. Does that make sense? Well maybe not, because it made no sense to Harry when he saw the once falling girl rise. Her flaming red wings pushed her through the air powerfully. They weren't your ordinary bird wings they looked strong but thin. The wings, Harry realized, of a dragon.
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