The New Sister

Rita Franklin, an American girl who's all alone, and in a foster home. Until, a nice family from the UK decide they would like to take her in, and that family just happens to the Styles family.

"His worst fear is the love he feels for his sister"


2. New Things

“Good morning you two” Anne smiled as Harry and I came down the steps, I was dressed in the only other spare set of clothes I had, shorts and a tank top. “Since it’s Sunday and you two have school tomorrow Rita and I are going shopping for her new clothes, Harry you can have the boys over if you want” Anne explained as Harry and I sat down at the table.

“Ok sounds good” Harry mumbled through a mouth full of toast and I couldn’t help but stare, I’ve been drawing since I was little and I can’t help but imagine how amazing he would be to draw, his collar bones poking out of his loose white tee shirt.

“Rita are you ready to go now?” Anne smiles and I nod, standing up awkwardly.

“Bye Rita, bye mum, have fun” Harry smiled as Anne and I walked out the door.


On the way home from buying tons of cute clothes Anne started to talk to me.

“You’re 14, right?” She smiled and I nodded, “Well Harry is 17, so you two should still get along” She smiled, “So tell me about yourself!”

“Well, my full name is Rita Alyssa Franklin, I’m 14. I like to draw a lot, and I don’t really remember my parents” I said, I never really had much to tell about myself, and a lot of times, that made me sadder than anything.

“You draw? I used to draw, you know! I actually have some old things in my room you can have, how does that sound?” Anne smiled.

“I’d love that thank you” I smiled back, “Thanks for everything, by the way”

“You don’t have to thank me, you’re part of the family now” Anne smiled brightly, looking so much like Harry, “We’re home! Now you get to meet all of Harry’s crazy crazy friends” Anne laugh, “Hold on I’ll call them out to help with bags” She jogged inside then came back out with five boys, only Harry I knew.

“Rita this is Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn, guy this is Rita” Harry pointed everyone out, “We’re her foster family kind of, she’s from America”

“Hey, I’m Zayn” Zayn smiled, walking over smelling of mint gum and smoke. He winked lightly as he reached past me to grab a bag and whispered, “I think we’ll get along really well” He then moved away and walked to bring the bag inside leaving me with wide eyes.

“Hi, Rita. I’m Liam” One smiled, and I noticed that he was beautiful too, all of these boys were.

“It’s nice to meet you guys” I smiled lightly then they all took a bag and I did too, trying to help at least a little bit.

“You have fun today, little sis?” Harry smiled, bumping his left hip into my right hip as we walked up to the house, making me giggle lightly.

“Yeah, you don’t have to call me that if you don’t want to though” I laughed

“But I want to, it has a ring to it, yeah?” He smiled and I nodded, it did have a bit of a ring, didn't it?


********A/N: Thank you so so so so much for the comments and keep doing it, I love them! Sorry this is short btw!***

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