The New Sister

Rita Franklin, an American girl who's all alone, and in a foster home. Until, a nice family from the UK decide they would like to take her in, and that family just happens to the Styles family.

"His worst fear is the love he feels for his sister"


3. New School

I woke up the next morning to Harry's phone ringing with the alarm sound. I rubbed my eyes and sat up to the sight of Harry pulling on pants. My eyes widened at the sight of him in boxers and I covered my face.

"Uhm." I muttered and Harry just then seemed to notice I was there.

"Oh my god" He said and it sounded like he fell, "Sorry forgot" He laughed, "You can look now" He said and I took my hands away from my face to now see Harry in only jeans.

"I'm going to get dressed" I muttered as I tried to look away from his bare torso. I quickly went through my new clothes and rushed to the bathroom to change. ** **

I handled the small key on the chain in my hand. I've had it since before I could remember. Mrs Brenda said my parents gave it to me. I always asked her what the key was to and she said my parents never told anyone.

I smiled at it and tucked it under my shirt as I walked out of the bathroom and down the steps to the kitchen where Harry and Anne were eating cereal.


"Well, this is your first class" Harry said as we stood in the empty hallway outside of my math class. "If you need anymore help just ask the teachers, okay?" He asked and I nodded. "Good luck, little sis" He smiled and patted me on the back before walking off to his own class.

I took a deep breath and held my school time table in my hand as I walked in the door. The teacher paused for a moment and looked over at me. She had long wavy brown hair and blue eyes, she looked like she was in her mid twenties.

"Hello there, are you the new student?" She asked in a sweet voice and I nodded, "What's your name, sweetheart?"

"Rita Franklin" I said, looking at the big class of upperclassmen. I was in all advanced classes so I was almost never with the freshmen except for gym.

"Well hello there, Rita" She smiled, "I'm Miss Blake, and this is your Math class" She said, "Uhm, it looks like we have one empty spot just for you. Right there beside Mr.Tomlinson, Louis raise your hand" She said and I looked over to see Louis sporting a big smile and an empty seat beside him. "Go ahead"

I nodded and walked down the aisle, sitting beside a very happy Louis. About four minutes into Miss Blake talking about math Louis slipped me a note.

Pretty cool having me in your class. huh? :) write back.

I smiled at the note and wrote something back quickly.

I guess it's alright ;)


Alright? Way to boost my ego :( 


I'm kidding. It's really cool :)


So you wanna come over after school? We could work on math homework or just hang out?


yeah :)

Right after I said yes the bell rang and we left the class and I had to go to gym class.


The day seemed to fly by and before I knew it lunch time was coming around. I was walking to the cafeteria when I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked over to see a smiling Harry.

"Hey" I smiled as we walked into the the crowded room. I looked around to see Louis waving us over, "Oh theres Louis" I smiled and we walked over.

I ended up sitting between Louis and Niall, with Harry across from me.

"So friends, this is Rita. My new little sister" Harry smiled, talking to everyone at the table, "Rita you know the boys, this is Sara, that's Maya, and that's Alyssa" Harry pointed out three girls.

Sara had red hair, green eyes, and plump lips. Maya had tanned skin, brown eyes and hair. Alyssa had blonde curly hair and shocking blue eyes.

"Hi Rita, I'm Niall's sister" Alyssa smiled widely from beside Zayn. "I had you in my gym class, didn't I?"

"Yeah I think so" I smiled.

For the rest of lunch we all talked and I got asked a lot of questions and I felt like I really made some new friends.


"You ready to go home?" Harry asked as we all walked out of school.

"Actually Rita is going to come over to my place for a while, is that okay?" Louis stepped in, smiling at me.

Harry seemed to feel unhappy but he smiled, "Sure, why not. Just uh, be home for dinner" He said and Louis nodded, pulling me off to his car. He opened the passenger door for me. I smiled and sat as he got in the driver's seat.

We talked for a while before we pulled up to Louis' house, it was small but it looked very 'homey'. I smiled as walked inside, setting our bags down.

"Mum, I'm home" Louis called out and a smaller woman with brown hair came out of the kitchen, two blonde twins following her.

"How was your day- oh hello there" She smiled, seeing me beside Louis, "Who's this?"

"Mum this is Rita, she's Harry's adopted sister I was telling you about" Louis said and his mom smiled, coming over and giving me a hug.

"Hi sweetheart, you can call me mum, mom, Johannah, Joe, whatever you like" She smiled and I nodded, smiling back, "And these are the twins Daisy and Phoebe" She said pointing to the two girls.

"You're pretty" One smiled, I think it was Daisy.

"You're pretty" I smiled back and she giggled happily.

"Well were going to go study" Louis said then lead me outside tot he back porch. We sat down beside the pool, our feet in the water.

"This isn't exactly studying" I laughed and Louis shrugged with a smile.

"Want to go swimming?" Louis asked suddenly, making me giggle.

"I don't have a swim suit" I shrugged, "But you can swim"

"I'm sure Lottie has one that'll fit, come on" Louis said, pulling me up and inside the house, "Lottie, I'm going in your room to borrow something!"

"Okay" I heard a girl's voice answer and I stood outside the door while Louis searched for a bathingsuit.

"Found something" He smiled as he threw me something and poitned me to the bathroom, "Meet me out by the pool, okay?" He said and I nodded.

I went into the small, blue bathroom and changed into the bikini. I felt awkward because I had never worn one and it seemed a little 'show'y.

**** I looked around the bathroom and grabbed a towel and what looked like one of Louis' shirts and headed outside. I pulled the shirt over me, covering up a bit as I went and sat by the pool, waiting for Louis.

I waited for a few minutes before I heard running and then I was in the pool. I was shocked and I shot up out of the water, face to face with a smiling and wet-haired Louis.

"Hey" He smiled widely, "Want to go off the board?" He asked, pointing to the small diving board and I laughed and smiled.

After about an hour of jumping in the pool, splashing around we had calmed down and we were next to each other in the middle of the pool, swimming about.

"Why are you wearing my shirt?" Louis suddenly spoke up, I face him, only a foot away and thought.

"I've never been in a bikini before" I smiled, my cheeks blushing, "It felt" I sighed with embarrassment. 

"Oh come on, I don't even have a top on" Louis laughed, coming closer. He was looking into my eyes and I saw that his were the same color of the pool. Louis then took the shoulder of the shirt in his fingers and looked at me, "May I?"

I nodded at him and he came even closer, our face inches apart. He slipped off the shirt and threw it to the side of the pool. Louis then started to play with my wet, tangled hair as he kept inching closer. He was now only an inch or two away from me, and our noses were almost touching.

"Can I kiss you?" Louis whispered and I didn't really think, I just nodded and he smiled and leaned down towards me. It was my first kiss so I wasn't sure what to do but when his lips touched mine my eyes closed and it felt right.

We pulled away when an embarrassed Johannah came out to tell us Anne called, telling me it was time to come home. We all laughed and I got dressed and Louis offered to drive me home.

**Harry's POV**

I sat on the porch, waiting for Rita like mum asked me to. My ears perked up when I heard Louis' truck coming down the drive. He stopped outside the house, and I could see into the truck but I had a feeling Rita and Louis didn't notice me.

I watched for a minute or two and smiled as they talked for a while, laughing at eachother. I was smiling up until the point I saw Louis pull Rita in for a kiss. I stood in shock as they kissed for a few seconds then pulled apart with smiles.

Why was I so hurt? 


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