The New Sister

Rita Franklin, an American girl who's all alone, and in a foster home. Until, a nice family from the UK decide they would like to take her in, and that family just happens to the Styles family.

"His worst fear is the love he feels for his sister"


1. New Family

"Rita" I sighed as the house mum and a woman that had become like my mother came into my room, ever since I was 5 I've been in a foster home, and I can't remember my parents.

"Hi, Mrs.Brenda" I smiled, looking up at the heavy set woman with her grey hair pulled back into a bun. She was a mother to every child here at the foster home, and most of all I would miss her most.

"The new family is here, baby. Get your stuff together" She smiled and I grabbed the one bag I had, consisting of a few pairs of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. "Let's go" She smiled, then lead me down the hall and into Mrs. Nora's office, she quickly gave me a hug and sent me in.

When I waked in he room I saw Mrs.Nora's blonde curled hair bulled into a bun and her black pencil skirt and dress shirt.

"Nice of you to join us Miss Franklin" Mrs.Nora smiled, "Mrs. Styles, this is Rita Franklin" She said and a woman with beautiful dark hair, tanned, skin and green eyes stood up and walked over and hugged me with a smile.

"I'm Anne, sweetheart. You can call me mum or whatever you'd like, this is my son Harry" She smiled and a boy that looked around four or five years older than me stood up and smiled brightly.

"Hey, I'm Harry" He smiled, shaking my hand then winking quickly. I blushed and looked down while Mrs.Nora continued to talk to Anne.


"We're home, finally" Anne smiled, her hair was a bit misplaced from the long flight and was now pulled back. I smiled and got out of the car, it was already dark outside and I grabbed my one bag. "I'm really tired so Harry will show you to your room" Anne said as we walked into the huge house.

"Come on" Harry smiled lazily, his curly hair tousled from sleeping on the plane. He lead me up the stairs as he talked, "So me and my sister used to share a room, so you're rooming with me, but there's two beds so no need to freak. Do you have clothes to sleep in?" He asked as he opened a door to a neat room with bunk beds and a dresser and TV set.

"Uh, I can sleep in this" I shrugged, looking down at my jeans and long sleeve tee shirt. 

"No that can't be comfy, here take...these" He said, grabbing a pair of his shorts and an over sized tee shirt, "It's probably too big but, it's will feel better than those" He shrugged handing them to me.

"Thanks, is there anywhere I can change?" I asked.

"Yup, bathroom's right in there, sorry we'll have to share in the mornings" He said and I nodded, walking off.

hmm, maybe this family won't be too bad

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