Home Is Were The Heart Is...Forever

Young Michaela desides its time to break away from the pack. She wanders or a few weeks looking around for a home when she finds a wonderful flat so sh desides to move in.


1. Home is Were the Heart is Forever

I decided to finally break away from my family. I always wanted to but I was afraid I had no were to go. Today I sucked it up and ran as fast as I can.


    Hi. I am Mckenna Smith. I am 18 years old and I have black hair with one blond streak, I have sharp K-9 teeth, my eyes are a red color, and I am very skinny. I was always made fun of at school because of my eye and teeth. People used to say to me 'Uh Oh! We need to get Buffy The Vampire Slayer down here as soon as possible!' and 'Count Dracula! Translyvania is in EUROPE!' I cut because of that. PLUS I was abused. My parents always liked my little brother more than me. When I cursed at them they'd beat me. But when my little brother, who is 9, cursed he just got warned or they did ABSOLUTLY nothing. 

     Earlier today I got home from school and my mom asked me "How was school?" she said with a smile like she totally forgot about her finding me this morning cutting myself. "Well today I ....god dammit! You probably don't even know what it's like looking like a fucking vampire." "You watch your langue!" Then she slapped me across the face. I ran upstairs and started to cry when my brother walked in, stole my iPod and ran. I chased after him. I finally got my hands on him. I took my iPod smacked him and ran to my room. I guess that little snot-rag told my parents because they barged into my room and yelled at me for smacking him. I tried to explain but couldn't. I got cut off by somebody slapping me a few times and then I got punched. All I remember is waking up on my bed with blood on my face. I quickly packed up. grabbed my money and stole some of my dad's money, and left before anybody could see me. I left a note on my bed saying 'If you are reading this and you care about me then keep reading. I packed up my stuff and stole some money...to be exact I have $5,000. I couldn't take it anymore so if you are reading this I hate you! Good Bye Forever. -Mckenna'


       I took a train to the airport and bought a ticket to London, England. I've always wanted to go there. When I arrived at London Airport, I saw a mob of people running at me. I turned around to see One Direction.  I smiled at them, and the one with black hair with a blond streak and brown eyes smiled and stared at me. I relized he started to me, so I started towards him. "Hey. I'm Zayn." He said so deeply "Hi Zayn. I'm Mckenna." I said with my heavy New York accent. Zayn smiled and walked away.




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