The Day We Met Everything Changed

When Alyssa gets sick of her abusive dad she decides to run away with her little sister and her best friend but what happeneds when they run into one direction?


3. What really happened.

Alyssa's POV:

oh my! I'm late! it's 5:14am. I got up and ran to Kaylee's room, I woke her up and started shoving clothes and her toys into her backpack. I woke her up and got her dressed really fast! I told her to comb her hair. I ran to my room and got dressed, i grabbed my phone and my bag. I quickly braided my hair and told Kaylee to quietly go downstairs and grab and orange. She obeyed. I ran downstairs and got my shoes on and Kaylee got her's on.


Kaylee's POV:

It's so early i said to Lyssa, "It's ok just put your shoes on and let's go". I put my shoes on and we were out the door. Lyssa picked me up and she started running! we got to this really old park. I was so scared, then I saw Brianna my sisters best friend.


Brianna's POV:

I was just about to leave when I saw Alyssa holding Kaylee running towards me! Alyssa was running saying get into the car. I got in and started the car. Alyssa opened the back door and put Kaylee in the back and covered her up with the blanket i packed. She fell asleep very fast. Alyssa put all the bags in the back seat and the got in the front seat.


Alyssa's POV:

I'm so nervous, what if my dad finds us? I started crying. Bri looked over at me. "what's wrong Alyssa?" I was crying even more now. "what if my dad finds us he'll hurt us" "wait? what, what, what?!?! why would he hurt us?? Alyssa is there something you need to tell me?" she said worried. "yes Bri I do!" "ok Alyssa you can tell me, you can trust me.." I hesitated.. "I know Bri.. well.. umm..umm. When My Mom died, My dad changed.." she looked at me "what do you mean?" "well when my mom died my dad burned all her stuff" she looked like she was going to cry. "oh Alyssa i'm sor-" I cut her off. "that's not even the worst part" she didn't say anything"


Brianna's POV:

Alyssa's telling me about her dad. Why would her dad burn all her stuff?!?! "that's not even the worst part" she said. I was quiet, She knew to continue. "After that he started to hurt me, hitting me, kicking me, calling me down" I almost started to cry "Alyssa I had no idea" "nobody does" she said. " The worst part is, he recently started hurting Kaylee.. that's why we have to leave" I pulled the car over "what, what are you doing?" I leaned over and hugged her, she cried into my shoulder. I didn't care. How could I not know what's been going on this whole time?? When she finished I turned the radio on and LWWY was on!! We started dancing and singing. Alyssa yelled "I love NIALL HORAN!" I never seen her smile more then when One Direction is on. We both Love them. My favorite is Liam, he's so sweet I would really love to meet him. Alyssa's favorite is Niall, but she also really loves Zayn. I hope we are safe where ever we are going.

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