The Day We Met Everything Changed

When Alyssa gets sick of her abusive dad she decides to run away with her little sister and her best friend but what happeneds when they run into one direction?


8. water park!

Niall's POV:

I woke up to find myself cuddling Alyssa. Why was she so beautiful? Why can't she be mine? Why was her dad like this? How could he hurt such a perfect angel? Just then Alyssa woke up. "good morning beautiful" i said smiling. "Good morning" she replied.


Alyssa's POV:

Niall is so sweet. "I am starving" I said. "me too, let's go eat" Niall said. When we got down stairs all the boys and Bri were down there making breakfast. "Good morning!!" everybody said. "did you sleep well?" Louis said. "yes of course we did!" Niall said, I started to blush.


Liam's POV:

"We are going to the water park today" I announced to evrybody. Everybody cheered and smiled. Today was going to be a good day! We finished eating and we all left to go get ready.


Niall's POV:

Alyssa went into the bathroom to get ready. I finished getting dressed and she walked out of the bathroom. I was starstruck. "You look beautiful Alyssa!" i said."Really? are you sure?" she asked. "I am positive babe!!"

Alyssa's POV:

He called me babe. oh my goodness, i'm freaking out inside. "thanks" i replied back to him. We went downstairs and got niall's car keys. Everybody was already on there way to the waterpark so we got in the car and started to drive. When we got there we paid the lady and went inside. "Niall?" "yes love?" he said. "Truth is i've never been to a waterpark.." i said. "its ok ill be with you the whole time!" I started to blush. We went on some rides they wereso much fun.

*two hours later*

time for lunch! we started to eat and everybody was enjoying themselves so far. After we finished eating Niall excused us from everybody else. He had a surprize for me. We got in line at a ride, but Niall wouldnt let me see which ride. We we got on the ride I realized it was the tunnel of love. I was nervous. The ride started going. "Alyssa" Niall said. "Yeah?" i said sort of worried and looked at him. He kissed me!!! Oh my gosh! that was the best kiss I have ever gotten! It was so passionate. Sparks were flying. BEST KISS EVER! I kept kissing him. next thing we new the ride was over and it was getting late. We decided to go home. Instead of going home with everybody else Niall turned and next thing i knew we were driving in the country side.

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