The Day We Met Everything Changed

When Alyssa gets sick of her abusive dad she decides to run away with her little sister and her best friend but what happeneds when they run into one direction?


4. the car accident

Kaylee's POV:

I woke up and we were getting gas. I said to Lyssa "I'm hungry" "ok let's go get something to eat" she said.We got out of the car, Brianna is already in the store. We went in and Lyssantold me to go pick out something to eat. I picked out a bag a chips and I got a sub from the counter. We went to go pay and the cashier said "do I know you guys?" she did know us, she was my dad's ex girlfriend but Lyssa just responded "sorry I think your confusing us with someone else" "are you sure?" the cashier said. "I'm positive" "ok well, have a good day" she sounded suspicious. We got back in the car.


Alyssa's POV:

I hope the cashier doesn't tell my dad or else we will be in a lot of trouble! Bri started driving, we put on the take me home album and started singing.


*2 hours later*

I have no idea where we are, but I don't care we are away from my dad that is all that matters. I looked over at Bri and she was singing C'mon C'mon. I started singing too. All of a sudden there was a loud crash and then everything went black. Wake up love, Alyssa? please? I opened my eye's. "Am I dreaming?" "Doctor! doctor! she's awake!! I heard an Irish Voice. It was NIALL HORAN. omg omg omg omg. I can't believe this. "Love, i'm glad your alright" "wh-what happened?" I said. "well we got into a car accident, all of us 5 boys are alright, it's just you girls.." "where is Bri and kaylee?" I was worried."The Little girl is ok, buy your friend there she might not make it" I started to cry. Niall gave me a hug. i've never had a hug like that before. next thing i know all the boys came in. "hey love, do you need anything?" I knew it was harry. Louis and Zayn started singing one thing for me. I started clapping I Love you boys. Liam came in holding Kaylee. She was sleeping. "I thought you would like to see her" Liam said very caring. "Thanks Liam!!" I kissed Kaylee's forehead. "Thanks again Liam but can you take her back I want to sleep" "ya no problem" he said. "ok boys time to leave" niall said "niall!" "what?" "will you stay here with me tonight?"  "of course love" he said. he laid beside me and I fell asleep.

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