The Day We Met Everything Changed

When Alyssa gets sick of her abusive dad she decides to run away with her little sister and her best friend but what happeneds when they run into one direction?


2. packing!

Brianna's POV:

I have no idea why Alyssa needs me to pack by tomorrow morning, I mean I don't even know where we are going! I'm scared for Alyssa, she has never really told me about her dad. All she has told me is that her dad hates her and that she doesn't like talking about him. I feel so bad. Well I guess I better start packing! I got my suitcase and packed some clothes and money, I didn't know how long we were going for so I packed some extra things like my diary and stuff like that. I also grabbed my favorite stuffed animal, I can't sleep without it. After I finished packing I plugged my phone into the charge; I have a feeling we will need it tomorrow. I put my Ipod in the dock and turned on WBYB and turned it up all the way and I took a shower.


Kaylee's POV:

I went down stairs. My daddy started yellling at me. I started to cry. My daddy hit my in my face, I started bleeding so I ran upstairs and  laid in my bed and went to sleep. Before I went to sleep I started thinking, why does my daddy hurt me? why does my daddy think i'm no good? why does my daddy want me dead? I then fell asleep.


Alyssa's POV:

I heard kaylee crying, I wanted to go see her so bad! I knew if I got up my dad would hear me and come upstairs and hurt me. oh my, I still need to pack! I got up really fast since its 11:38 pm. I grabbed my suitcase I put all my clothes in there, I also put my mom's stuff. I grabbed all the money I have been saving, $375.55 it's not a lot, but it's enough, to get a hotel room for a couple nights.I quickly put my phone on the charger I got into bed its 11:59pm. I fell asleep really fast!

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