The Day We Met Everything Changed

When Alyssa gets sick of her abusive dad she decides to run away with her little sister and her best friend but what happeneds when they run into one direction?


7. After Nando's

Alyssa's POV:

We were driving home from Nando's "I really like the resturant" I said. "Me too, it's my favourite" Niall said smiling. We got back to the house and we went inside and called the hospital.

nurse at the hospital- Hi how may I help you?

Niall- yes, would I be able to speak to Brianna Johnson?

Nurse- yes just hold on.


Bri- hello?

me- hey Bri! it's me Alyssa!

Bri- Hey! what are you doing?

me- Nothing, we just got back from Nando's. and bri..?

bri- that sounds fun! and what?

me- I think im falling for Niall.

There was a silence.

me- Bri are you still there?

Bri- Yea i'm here but i have to go bye.

me- Bye

We hung up the phone, she sounds mad :(.


Niall's POV:

Alyssa doesn't seem to happy. Maybe I should go talk to her. "Alyssa" "what?" she said. "are you alright love?" "ya i'm fine" she replied. "well you don't seem fine" "I am, trust me. but i'm going to have a shower" "Alright" I went downstairs and checked my twitter. I logged on and there were millions of pictures of me and Alyssa. Oh no! this is bad! What if her dad finds out and comes to find her. I won't let that happen. I think i'm falling for Alyssa. I heard Alyssa get out of the shower so I waited for her to come down. She walked downstairs and she was wearing these adorable pj's and these fluffy slippers. We watched Grease since that was both of our favourite movies.


Alyssa's POV:

After the movie we went upstairs and Niall went to his bedroom and I went to mine. 10 minutes later I started to cry. So I walked over to Niall's room and laid beside him. I put my head on his chest and he put his arm around me. We both fell asleep.


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