Never Again or Over Again


4. See you Tomorrow

Niall was staring at me as if I was from a different planet. I just hoped that was a good thing, because of the the crappy resolution on my computer I couldn't see Niall's blue eyes clearly like I loved when we were....together. I had stopped thinking about us or at least I had tried. Every night for two months I had been single, no one night stands, and every night my dreams were memories if me and Niall before I found out the first time he had cheated. After that, I never fully recovered. I never trusted him fully after that and every time I found he did once more until I didn't trust him at all. I was torn from my thoughts when I heard Niall ask me, "Alicia, is that you". I laughed slightly and looked at my desk then back at him. "Yeah, its me Nialler".  "So how have you been You look different. Wow. Hows life been treating you?". He was right i had changed. A lot. "I'm good. Life has been treating me okay. Its a rough life, but who's isn't ,right?". He just nodded then looked around the room as if he was looking for something that will hep him start a conversation. "Niall. Niall! NIALL LOOK AT ME!" I screamed. He looked at the screen as if he was shocked he could hear me threw it, actually as if he had never seen a computer. "Niall I have news. I am visiting you guys". His shocked face suddenly turned happy, "When?". I took a deep breath as if I wasn't ready to tell him. "Tommorow", I whispered. He facec turned back into shock and I hearad a soft thud. Louis came running into the screen, "Well  Alicia, it' been great seeing you and I'm guessing you just told him your coming because he just dropped his chicken. But we have to go. Paul's screaming in Liam's phone and Simon in Zayn's. So goodbye and see you tommorw" he said very rushed. "Ok Bye. See you to-" I was cut off by the sudden black screen. I shrugged and called Kay. My best friend. I had been living with her for a two months so tonight we were going to party, to celebrate.

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