Never Again or Over Again


6. Reunited

Louis POV. 

I was so nervous. I don't know why but I was. I guess since it's been two months but it has felt more like two years. Niall, Harry, Zayn and I had come to pick her up and Liam was getting the house ready with Stella. I was pacing around the lobby in front of the chairs where the rest of the guys were sitting. Zayn stood up and stopped me from pacing, "Why are you so nervous?" "I have news for her". He just nodded and walked back to his seat. I looked back at the escalator  and saw a girl that had hair just like Alicia's. I started walking closer to the escalator to get a better look. The girl had sunglasses on and was looking around. I wasn't so close to escalator, so when she got off I snuck up behind her, "Alicia?" I whispered. She turned around startled and took off her glasses. Her eyes were huge. "Louis?" she whispered back. I nodded. A smile grew on her lips and mine. She jumped on me with a hug. I picked her and spun her around. She giggled which made me laugh which made her laugh harder then I laughed harder then... well, you get the picture. The boys rushed over to us and each of them gave her a hug. Excpet for Niall. When they got to each other they stood their awkwardly not saying anything to each to her. I walked over to them and picked Alicia's arms up and put them around Niall's neck and his arms around her waist and pushed them together to hug. After some seconds I saw Alicia tighten her grip on Niall. But he didn't. It was an awkward silence for a while. "So you guys ready to go?" I asked. They nodded and Alicia grabbed her bags from the carousal or at least tried to. We grabbed every bag she went for. "These all yours?" Zayn asked. She nodded and laughed. We each has two bags except for her, she only had her backpack. Yep, eight damn bags. We walked to the car and started driving to the house. We gave Liam and Stella and heads up just in case. We arrived to the house and Alicia stood there for a moment staring at the house. "Whats wrong?" I asked. She looked at me, "Nothing. Nothing, it's just been a while, ya know?"
I nodded, "Yeah. I know". I out my arm around her shoulders and lead her into the house and her room. The boys came in and out of the room, dropping her bags off. After that we all went down stairs into the basement where the in-house for fun recording studio was. We heard a small gasp behind us then a bunch of squealing  We turned around to see lots of streamers and Alicia and Stella jumping up and down and hugging. Me, Zayn, Liam, Harry stood there laughing and Niall was on the couch ignoring us and looked at his phone and looked like he was preparing for something. I walked over to him "Ni, are you ok?".

"I broke up with Jenna". 

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