Never Again or Over Again


8. One Awkward Night

*Just so you know, Alicia can be somewhat of a ................. Big Mouth *

The ride on the way to the restaurant was super awkward. Louis felt guilty for telling. Niall was pissed at me and Louis for yelling and telling. And I felt so awful, I can't out it in words. In fact I will just skip. We were sitting in the booth. Just my luck I'm in between Louis and guess who? Niall.  The table was quiet. I grabbed my phone from my bag and started texting Stella

        -This is so awkward!!!!!!!!!
She looked at me. 
        -Well Miss. Big Mouth you should learn shut that mouth.
I scowled at her
        -Hey!!!! I know. But it is so hard. UGH. I have so many emotions I want to puke. Oh wait. I really have to puke. Stella HELP!!
She stared at me "Really?" she mouthed. I  nodded. She suddenly got up. "Hey guys I have lady troubles and I don't have my stuff with me can you let Alicia out to help me?" They looked at her. "What type of lady troubles?" asked Louis. "Ya know, the usual. Period, cramps, blo-" "ALRIGHT. I love you babe but I don't want to know about that stuff. Guys let Alicia out." Zayn sighed. Louis moved and let me out. I ran out of the booth almost falling and rushed to the bathroom. I burst in a stall and puked out my guts. I felt a hand rubbing circles in my back as I puked a few more times. After the puke fest I slowly removed myself from the stall and walked to the sink. I washed my mouth rushed my teeth using the portable tooth brush  I know, I know. Lame right? WRONG. It's for situations like this, it's awful when people smell puke breath. Worse it's horrible when you can smell your own. I splashed water on my face and reapplied some makeup. I looked at Pierre, "How bad do I look?" I moaned. She smiled. "You look fine". She grabbed my hand and we walked back to the table. We sat in our respected places the moment Niall said, "I'm ready. Let's go". Me and Stella just nodded and got out the door. We walked into the car with me by the window. I leaned my head against it and dozed off. 

I woke up to someone carrying me to my room. I felt something soft against my back and relaxed and then curled in a ball when my whole body was on the bed. "Night mate. Don't forget to set you alarm to quiet so you won't wake her up in the morning" I heard Louis. Wait What? Why would he not want to wake me up with his alarm clock? He's not sleeping in here with me is he? The door closed and the pressure on the opposite side of the bed shifted  Shit. He is sleeping in here. I felt an arm wrap around my waist. Not what I want. I scooted over. "Sorry" I heard Niall mumble. I didn't say anything. I soon drifted to sleep again, thinking of what my time here will be. I'm thinking very interesting.

So I need to introduce someone 
I need
And any other notes thanks 


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