Never Again or Over Again


7. Me and My Big Mouth

Alicia POV

I was squealing and hugging Stella. It felt so good to hug someone that understood from my point of view. All the guys for  a month straight said things like 'Oh, he's a guys' or 'Don't blame male hormones'. Stella, Sara, and Laura told me things like 'You should try and forgive but that doesn't mean a second chance' or 'It's his fault he didn't like what he had. And that was a mistake'. They understood and to actually touch someone that understood felt like feeling magic. Anyway, the guys came over into a group hug except for Niall, he walked over to the couch. As we dispersed, I saw Louis walk over to Niall and sit by him. They started whispering then Louis's face went from concern to chock to wonder to confused back to concern. I shook my head trying to stop thinking about why Louis had just made those faces. I looked at Stella who was smiling like a mad man. "What?" I asked. "You still like Niall!" she whispered screamed. My eyes went big and I swear my cheeks rose from normal to the color of a super dark red rose. "I. Do. Not. I broke up with him. I can't just like him again when I left him and he did me over. That is not how it works". She just shook her head and smiled. I gave up and shrugged my shoulders. Once Pierre is hooked on something you can't make her let go. "When's Sara and Laura going to get here?" I asked. Stella opened her mouth to say something but instead Louis came over, "Sara is a dance practice for another two days and Laura won't get here till tomorrow. Her break starts today but she had to pack.". I nodded as Louis walked away as soon as he had came. "Ok then. So what do you want to do tonight?" Stella said. I laughed. That girl will get straight to the point. "Well, anything really. Just make it calm. I don't want to go to a club for another few days." I said recalling last night. This morning before I left, Kayla just walked into my room and started jumping on me. As if ruining my night wasn't bad enough she also ruined my morning. I love Kayla but seriously she can be a pain in my ass. Pierre looked at me. "Ok. Why don't we just go to a restaurant. I mean a old person restaurant. We can bring you to the light in a week or two. K?". I nodded. Stella jumped from her seat. "BOYS." she shouted. They had been chasing Liam with a spoon and were threatening to dump Zayn into the pool in the back yard. They all stared at her as if she were crazy. She smiled. "You all have less then ten minutes to get ready for dinner. We have and hour or possibly two.While we get ready you guys have to get reservations at a place were no one will find us. Get it? Got it? Good." She said before grabbing my arm and pulling me into my room. She opened my bag and started rummaging through it. She grabbed: I'm wearing the purple and she went to her room and grabbed her blue dress. We quickly did our hair and make-up then ran downstairs. The guys were ready and Zayn and Louis were holding roses. Stella ran over to Zayn and gave him a kiss before dying over the rose. Meanwhile I gave Louis a questioning look. He nodded and I walked toward him. "Figured you might have one as well." he said. I laughed and took it. "Well, thank you." I said before kissing him on the cheek. "Hey hey hey. He is a taken man!" Liam yelled. I laughed and grabbed Louis's arm, "Well Laura has some competition" I laughed. Louis looked at me, "I am a one woman man."he stated, holding his nose up."Good because if you weren't I would kill you", I said. He looked at me with a shocked face. "So would I." said Stella. "That is fair. And I will gladly let you beat my ass if I ever changed and lost my one woman status". "Well we might lose our reservations so can we get a move on" Niall said. He didn't sound like he was joking either, he sounded pissed. I looked at Louis for an explanation. "He just broke up with his girlfriend." Louis whispered. "He had a girlfriend?!?!" I shouted. They all looked at me. Shit. Me and my big mouth 

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