Never Again or Over Again


2. Goodbye Niall

2 months earlier 


"Niall, I can't keep doing this. Every time we get to together or I open a magizine it's always a picture of you and your ex. And every time you say it's nothing. Well what is it, eh, are they true or fake because you still haven't givin me an answer" I looked at him. We had been dating for fourteen months and yet he still managed to cheat on me at least nine times because I still didn't want to go ALL the way. Yes, we had had sex before but I didn't want to go all the way, all the way. Ya know? He was still looking at me without an answer."Alicia... I....". I siged and grabbed my bags and walked out to my car and out of his house. I could hear him run after me but by the. I was already sitting in my car. I started driving away and Niall as hitting my car and running after it. By the time reached the highway on the way to the airport I had tears streaming out of my eyes. I had the music blasting but since it was close to Valentines Day all the music was romantic or about sex in one way or another. By the time Remeber When (Push Rewind) by Chris Wallace came on I had reached the airport and trust me, I was thankful that I had reached the airport right before I could finish the song. I quickly cleaned my self up and walked into the airport. It wasn't that crowded so it was easy going through security and check in. I quickly reached my seat in the plane. I sat down and brought out a book to pass the time until I could listen to my music. The plane took off and I was on my way to London and I was living with my friend Kayla. We reached the air and I put the book down and brought my IPhone out and plugged it in. I slowly fell asleep avoiding every One Direction song that had a Niall solo. I landed on the ground ten hours later. I walked off the plane to see Kayla and my sister Kendra and my other friend Chasity. We were all living with Kayla for the time being and I was guessing it would be a while until we all settled down into out own places seeing as we are all between seventeen and nineteen. I ran to them and we all got into a big group hug We grabbed my bags and walked to Kayla's car. We talked about our lives since I had left to live with Niall. We didn't talk about him or any of the boys, really. We talked about their lives while I was gone. I smiled to  myself as Kendra was talking about this little boy who cussed her out as the amusement park she works at. I was really happy. Happier then i had felt in a along time. Something around the time before Niall had cheated on me. We reached Kay's house and I walked into my room before I left. It was the same. The smell the look, the feel. I dropped my bags and fell on the bed. I was out, like a light.

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