Never Again or Over Again


5. Drop It Low

Me and Kayla had just finished getting ready and we had started when Kay had come home, two hours ago. We had finally finished and we were walking out the door before giving our selves one last glance. ( We looked hot. I was wearing a black neon cut with pink and green neon heels. She was wearing a sixty stripey body cut with orange-reddish heels. I grabbed by purple handbag and her black one. I gave it to her and walked out the house and locked it. Kendra had decided to stay over and her boyfriends for a movie night. We walked out the house and walked to club. It wasn't far but it took twenty minutes to get there. The club was called Drop It Low. We walked in and the clubbed overpowered me with the smells of alcohol, sex, and cigarettes and probably more smells that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I was ripped from my thoughts when Kayla grabbed my wrist and pulled me over the the bar. She said something to the bartender that I didn't hear and he brought ten shots. Well, I guess I know what she said now. She took seven shot and drank them in less then a minute. She made a face that was priceless. She took an eighth shot from a pile that I hadn't started drinking yet. I grabbed her hand before she could drink it. I gave her a look that said 'Let go of my glass'. She smirked and dropped it on the counter. I jumped back and screamed. She got up and walked or should i say stumbled over to where  I was standing. I glared at her. She laughed and could already smell how strong the alcohol was on her breath "Don't be so uptight. It's your last night" she slurred. I crossed my arms. "I wanted to have fun. Not have to be the responsible sober one. And because your drunk and can already barley walk I have to stay sober. Thanks Kay." I said sarcastically. She just shrugged and started to walk off. I grabbed her arm and intertwined it with mine so she couldn't get out of my grip. I started walking out of the club. She started whining. I just dragged her faster. We had finally reached the house and I pushed her into her room. "Thanks for ruining my night Kay" I said before I closed the door. She just nodded and fell asleep. I went into my room and took of my clothes. I slipped an over  sized t-shirt. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch and turned on the t.v while playing tiny tower. After an hour, I turned the t.v off and walked to my room. I plugged my IPhone into my speaker/charger and started playing One Direction. I picked my suitcase out and started packing. By the time I was done Over Again had started playing. I fell backwards on to my bed and just stared at the ceiling. I started thinking. Thinking about Niall, the boys, Kendra, Kayla. Everyone. I soon fell asleep thinking about tomorrow. 

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