Never Again or Over Again


9. Chillin' like a Villain with a little scare

I walked downstairs slowly. I hated mornings. They were unnecessary things in life that need to die. Depending on the morning. This morning was definitely one to wake up to. The guys minus Zayn were all having a food fight. "Shit. Really guys?" I asked. They looked at me but didn't stop fighting. "Yep. We were making morning food but then Harry hit me with morning preparations and then this happened" Louis said gesturing to the mess around them then hitting Liam with some yellow stuff. "You mean breakfast and ingredient. And that is great but I will be watching the telly while you clean up and make real breakfast." I walked over to the couch and turned the t.v. on. It was the news and non-other but the boys re-run was on. I turned it off and walked back up stairs to change. The moment I was about about to walk in my room Stella walked out of hers. "Hey, you want to hang today, to make sure your okay after last nights episode?" "Yeah" I nodded at her. I walked into my room to take a shower but to grab sweats. I quickly did an in and out shower then but on my hello kitty sweats with my headphones, boots, necklace, and just for fun my glasses. 
I walked back downstairs and the kitchen was all cleaned. The guys were on the couch with Stella and Zayn was slowly walking out of the kitchen but lied down at the guys feet and fell back to sleep. I laughed lightly then put my head phones on and plugged in my phone. "I'm gonna go  chill on the porch" I said before walking on the porch swing. I lied down and started swinging and playing with my phone. I felt a tug at my feet but didn't look figuring it was one of the boys but who didn't come to mind? Niall. My legs fell back down on the ground and it forced me into a sitting position. I looked at the guy next to me, "What the hell Niall? Do you mind? Is it too hard to be a GENTLEmen?!" I walked in the house and into my room. "Alica. Wait!" Niall yelled after me. I quickly ran into my room, "Alicia can we talk?" "Sure Niall, right after I call the president" i say. I'm about to close the door but he sneaks in. I groaned and throw myself on my bed back first. "You obviously missed the sarcasm in that" I say. He just nods and sits next to me. "Alicia can we start over again?" (yes yes I know song name). I look at him for a minute. "You have to promise not to hurt me friend or not. Okay?" I look at him to make sure he knows I mean it. He nods and smiles, "Of course." We shake hands and sit there for a moment in silence and not the good kind. "Should we go downstairs?" "Yeah" I say quickly. We go downstairs and he makes a beeline for the backyard 'cause the guys were playing football out there. I head to the living room and stop short. There on the couch was Laura. She looked at me and we ran to each other and squealed and jumped around. We heard a giggle from behind and turned around to see Stella there laughing, "Is that how we looked yesterday " she asked. Zayn came up behind her and kissed her on the cheek, "Yep" he said before squeezing past her and sitting on the couch. We run upstairs to my room and turn on music. We sit on my bed and start doing anything we can think off. Suddenly a knock was at the door. Niall stood there, with his hands in his pockets, "Dinners ready". "Already?" i ask shocked, "You have been up here for the whole day." he says with a chuckle. Stella jumps out the room behind Niall and we head downstairs. Niall turns the corner before we can reach him and Stella is standing there with a pouty face. "Niall lied, there is no foo-" but she is cut off by the lights shutting off. We scream and run closer together. "Come on guys lets go.. um.. somewhere" I say totally unsure of what to do. We hook arms and walk to what i think is the living room. Suddenly Stella screams on my right but then she is silent and I can't feel her on my arm anymore. "S-stella?" i ask. Suddenly the same thing happens with Sara and I'm all alone. "G-guys? This isn't funny! GUYS?" i yell again before the lights turn on and they are all sitting on the couch in front of me. "What the hell?" I yell. Louis looks at me while putting his arm around Laura and pulling her closer, "What do you mean?" I look at him. "You guys scared the hell out of me". Liam gets up "Don't know what you're talking about. Come on lets eat." I give him a look before sitting down with the rest. I swear I will get them back. 

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