Never Again or Over Again


3. Alicia is that you

Present day- 2 months later
Niall's POV
Me and Jenna had been dating for a while now. It was going to be a month tomorrow. Me and he, we were steady. The guys liked her, so did my mom. My only problem was that she just smiled, nodded and kissed my cheek when I said I love you. I always thought a out Alicia. I loved her yet I could never keep the promise that I had made her. That I would never hurt her. But I broke that promise nine way to many times. She was friends with the guys still so they would Skype with her whether I was around her not it didn't matter because she always ignored me except maybe to say a hi from her sister Kendra, but other then that she never talked to me and I never talked to her. It really molded me that I had ruined our relationship because I was a dumb ass. But that's how today went.They are on Skype with her at Harry's house and I was there sitting on the couch eating some random junk lying in Harry's kitchen. I was just really agitated because I was planning on breaking up with Jenna but I wouldn't see her till tomorrow. Our one month anniversary. But I was taken out of my thoughts when I heard a small voice say from the computer, "Is Niall there?" I jumped from my spot on the couch to the computer. I looked into the screen and saw the face of a beautiful girl. Her hair was shorter then last time I saw her. Her eyelashes had gotten longer and I knew they weren't fake because she hated fake lashes. Her teeth were straighter and her hair had some golden streaks them instead of being all brown. "Alicia, is that you?"   
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