They Don't Know About Us

4 girls married and 1 about to get married. All to one of the guys in One Direction, and happily they are. But some people don’t like it. Ex-Fiances, forgotten memories, and kids? What happens when lely is pregnant and Zayn worries he won’t be a good dad? What happens when Katie gets into a car accident and lose part of her memory, mostly the part about Harry? Kaylinn’s Ex- Fiance comes back for Kaylinn but Niall doesn’t even want him near her, is a knife involved? Quinlan and Skylar are best friends and they are inseperatable, what happens when a twitter incident involves a heart break and lost friendship?
Find out in this Story
“They Don’t Know About Us”


3. Flashback( introduction)


*Skylar POV.*

When me and Liam met it was at x-factor, yea we have been together for a long time. It seemed like we were perfect for each other, I was a dancer and I love it. And it so happened Liam was the sing I was dancing for.


“All right, positions every girl dancer!” As I made my way to the stage I looked around. It was terrifying to be in a place with no friends. As I took my position and look up, I saw a guy staring at me. He had long straight hair that sort of looked like Justin Biebers, and his smile made me melt, His eyes glued to me and my face felt warm and I smiled looking down. He looked like a cutie just from looking at him. The guy and four others got onto the stage and held onto their microphones and sang their song. As we finished the song the director yelled out, “That’s a wrap! See you guys tomorrow.” And he walked away; I went straight to my bag drinking some water. “Hi.” I stopped drinking my water and turned around and blushed, it was the guy who was staring at me. “Hello.” We stood there for a couple minutes and his friend came up saying, “Hello love, my name is Louis and this here is Liam!” I smiled, “I’m Skylar nice to meet both of you!” I shook Louis’s hand and Liam glared at Louis like he wanted to kill him. “This chap would love to go on a date with you!” Liam kicked Louis and I giggled, “Sure, When and Where?” I saw him blush and smile that smile that made me melt, “How about now? At Starbucks?” I nodded grabbing my bag and we walked out the door.

*Flashback over*

It was a sort of dream come true, and I’m engaged to him now. We haven’t gotten a date yet, but I’m hoping soon. The girls are really nice and I love them to death, well since Zayn is Katie’s brother and Lely’s Harry’s sister. It’s strange but they are really close in a way.

*Elizabeth’s POV*

Wow, Finally I get to see all my friends. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen Katie and Kaylinn. Well since Katie sort of set me up with Zayn.  I remember it so very well.


“Come on Katie we will be late for the Coldplay Concert!” I yelled to Katie from the bottom of the stairway. She finally came down and I pushed her out the door, she got into the car and I started the car and we drove off to the concert. “Katie?” she hummed and then stopped saying, “Yes?” “I wanted to know more about this dude I’m meeting. Is he cute? Is he shy?” Katie giggled, “He is my brother thank you! And since you never met him before I guess I can tell you some stuff.” I smiled; Katie is setting me up with her brother, since my brother met her at a concert. It surprised me because I haven’t seen Katie in forever. “Well his name is Zayn, he loves Coldplay! And he is just quiet. He will have to warm up to you once he sees you, cause he knows Harry and I it’s just him being shy little.” I nodded my head, as we finally pulled up I see harry standing in front of a guy. He had raven black hair and it was slicked back sort of, his face was handsomely rugged. “Let’s go Lely!” Katie pulled on my arm towards the guys, I felt shy and scared that Zayn wouldn’t like me. She ran up and hugged the guys and Zayn came over and smiled, “Hello. You must be Elizabeth?” I shyly said, “Yes, but you can call me Lely. I mean... yea.” He chuckled and put his arm out for me to grab it, I smiled and I giggled, “Onward people! We have to meet Coldplay!” Katie jumped on Harry’s back and they ran away leaving me with Zayn. “So Zayn what’s It like sharing a bathroom with Katie?” I giggled and he chuckled saying, “Well it’s like a two lions fighting for a bathroom,” he pointed to ear continuing with the subject, “She burned my ear cause I used her straightener.” I bite my lip trying to hold the laughter within me. He chuckled, “Yea I think sometimes she does it on purpose.” I busted out laughing when he said that, “Well Zayn I think we are all going to get along well.”

*Flashback over*

Now we are happily married. Best descion of my life, don’t you think? But there is big news for us.

I’m Pregant.

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