They Don't Know About Us

4 girls married and 1 about to get married. All to one of the guys in One Direction, and happily they are. But some people don’t like it. Ex-Fiances, forgotten memories, and kids? What happens when lely is pregnant and Zayn worries he won’t be a good dad? What happens when Katie gets into a car accident and lose part of her memory, mostly the part about Harry? Kaylinn’s Ex- Fiance comes back for Kaylinn but Niall doesn’t even want him near her, is a knife involved? Quinlan and Skylar are best friends and they are inseperatable, what happens when a twitter incident involves a heart break and lost friendship?
Find out in this Story
“They Don’t Know About Us”


2. Flashback( introduction)


*Quinlan’s POV*

It seemed like forever that we finally got to Cheshire. Lely and I couldn’t wait to see the gang, being married to Louis is probably the best thing that ever happened, and I remember how we met too.


“Give me my phone!” I said while chasing Harry and Katie around their house. I was visiting them for the weekend, and I was having so much fun. “Fine! Here catch!” They threw my phone up in the air and I caught it. Their house phone rang they were too busy to notice so I picked it up, “Hello?” I heard a cough and the man spoke up saying, “Hi, I’m Louis!” I smiled and said, “Hi Louis, Um Harry and Katie are…tied up at the moment. Is there something I can help you with?” he stuttered and said, “Y-Yea they said that I’m going out with them tonight. Are you… my date?” I blushed and looked towards Harry and Katie, they stood there for a while and I finally said, “HARRY AND KATIE, GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE NOW!” They stop what they were doing and came over, “Who is on the phone?” I cleared my throat and said, “I’m guessing my date?” I heard a chuckle through the phone and Katie looked down saying, “Yea we were going to set you up with him…” I started laughing and I nodded my head, “Hi Louis, I’m Quinlan, your date!” he started laughing, “I like your attitude already.”

*Flashback over*

I think after that, we had that romantic click that made us stick to each other. Even on his tours we would text and call and even Skype each other. After a couple months of dating, he proposed and we got married a month later. Amazing right?

*Kaylinn’s POV.*

I’ve been married to Niall since Katie and Lely set us up, well I mean he didn’t purpose that day... but it seemed like he wanted to. He looked nice in a Tuxedo; it was because we went to a ball.


“NO, I hate it when you guys do this! Blind dates don’t end well!” I yelled to Katie and Lely, they and their Husband’s decide I needed to go out with one of their friends. “Please Kaylinn! It just a ball, you don’t have to do anything, EXCEPT BE NICE TO HIM!” I sighed and agreed, as we made our way to the ball I got nervous because I guess I haven’t been on a date in a while and it’s scary. “Hey were here!” yelled Lely as she jumped out of the limo the guys got us. I looked out the window and sparkling lights were everywhere and Flashing lights from the cameras were going off too. As I opened the car door, immediately I was bombard by paparazzi’s and questions such as, “ So who are you with?” and “Can you tell me what is going on with you and Niall?” I just smiled and made my way up the red carpet and finally through the doors with Katie and Lely. I was in awed with the trees and the sparkling lights, I see Katie walk towards harry kissing him, and Lely soon after with Zayn. I spot a guy with blondish brown hair and he had a black and white tuxedo on, as he turned around I was captivated by his sparking baby blue eyes. He took my hand and kissed it, “I’m Niall.” I giggled and blushed, “Kaylinn.” As he held onto my hand he brought me onto the dance floor and we waltzed around the room for what seemed forever but to me we were the only two people there.

*Flashback over*

And after that maybe a month or two later… we were engaged and married to be married. And I’m the happiest person in the world. And just between me and you… he is way better than my ex-fiancé.  



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