They Don't Know About Us

4 girls married and 1 about to get married. All to one of the guys in One Direction, and happily they are. But some people don’t like it. Ex-Fiances, forgotten memories, and kids? What happens when lely is pregnant and Zayn worries he won’t be a good dad? What happens when Katie gets into a car accident and lose part of her memory, mostly the part about Harry? Kaylinn’s Ex- Fiance comes back for Kaylinn but Niall doesn’t even want him near her, is a knife involved? Quinlan and Skylar are best friends and they are inseperatable, what happens when a twitter incident involves a heart break and lost friendship?
Find out in this Story
“They Don’t Know About Us”


6. Chapter 3


Niall’s POV.*

I hate her ex-fiancé, I had remembered her telling me about him but I knew that he won’t come back for her, ever. As I stared at the ceiling I completed on what to say to him, I don’t want her physically or mentally hurt, it would kill me on the inside.  I turned on my side to stare at her beautiful face being shown through the moonlight and her light breathing, I kissed her cheek and walked downstairs to get some water. I saw Lely and Katie downstairs so I just sat next them, “Hey.” I slowly drank my water as I heard Katie speak up, “Niall, I’m worried. What if he does find her and come back?” Lely nodded her head in agreement, I didn’t know what to say anymore because this guy was a part of her life and he has taken the whole your mine forever thing seriously. “Girls, all I can say are he isn’t getting near her. Never.” They both smiled and I walked back upstairs to Kaylinn still sound asleep where I left her. I wrapped my strong arms around her, kissing her cheek, falling asleep.

And I’m not letting her go.

Kaylinn’s POV.*

All I could think about was keeping my friends safe from my ex. It seems like I’m causing the problem and I’m just causing trouble with people around me that I care about. I heard someone walk into Niall and I’s room and I pretended to sleep, but I knew I wasn’t really when I had some much on my mind. As the arms wrap around me and the kiss I long for every day kiss my cheek, I felt at peace like I can actually sleep. I knew I loved him and I knew he wouldn’t hurt me ever, but I just don’t want to hurt him, like I’m doing to everyone else. As sleep came quickly and so did the morning, I turned over to see niall fast asleep with his body close to mine, and his hair a mess. I quietly and quickly grab some clothes to go take a shower. As I finished my shower, I looked in the mirror and frowned. I’m not the girl that Matthew said I was. I’m the girl who has fallen in love and has someone that loves me for me.

“Good Morning!” I jumped down the stairs and Katie and Harry with Quinlan in Louis’s lap smiled at me, “ so I’m guessing big belly Lely and zayn aren’t awake yet,” I looked around, “Also where’s Skylar and Liam? Sleeping?” they shook their heads and Katie went back to cooking with a clinging harry behind her, I smiled at them and looked over at Quinlan and Louis, Louis was whispering sweet words in her ear and she laughed, loving his words of kindness. I love these guys I thought. Soon, I heard a knock on the door, and I went over to get it. “Hello?” “Hi Kaylinn, long time no see.” My heart raced, and I knew that voice anywhere.


He pierced a knife at my stomach and said, “You’re coming with me.”

*Katie’s POV.*

I heard the door close and a shuffle, I looked at harry, “Can you go check who that was?” he nodded his head and walked over to the front door, and I see Quinlan walk over and help my cook more biscuits for breakfast. “Babe, Where’s Kaylinn?” I heard harry call out, and I left the eggs on the stove and walked to the front door, to see Kaylinn shoes near the door, and the door wide open with Harry standing there looking out the door. “N-Niall…..Niall….NIALL!!!” I run up stairs and break open the door to see Niall asleep, “NIALL KAYLINN IS GONE GET UP!” I saw him open his eyes, and they went wide. “W-What do you mean?” Harry runs in and tells him what happens. After a while niall is rushing to get clothes on, and Zayn and Lely walk in wondering what was going on, “…And that’s what happens, we don’t know where she is!” Lely fast walks fast towards her room pulling clothes on, with zayn right behind her. We had noticed Skylar and Liam had woken up and were doing the same. I went downstairs, and stopped cooking the eggs, “Katie, you’re not going.” I turned around in a flash, “What are you talking about I’m not going?! She’s my best friend!” Harry comes over and hugs me, “It’s too dangerous and I don’t want you hurt. Especially if I want kids someday.” I giggled, but stopped and sighed, “Is the girls staying here?” he nodded and kissed me lightly on the lips, but I didn’t want that, I grabbed the back of his neck and he moaned into my mouth, I wasn’t going to lose him.


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