They Don't Know About Us

4 girls married and 1 about to get married. All to one of the guys in One Direction, and happily they are. But some people don’t like it. Ex-Fiances, forgotten memories, and kids? What happens when lely is pregnant and Zayn worries he won’t be a good dad? What happens when Katie gets into a car accident and lose part of her memory, mostly the part about Harry? Kaylinn’s Ex- Fiance comes back for Kaylinn but Niall doesn’t even want him near her, is a knife involved? Quinlan and Skylar are best friends and they are inseperatable, what happens when a twitter incident involves a heart break and lost friendship?
Find out in this Story
“They Don’t Know About Us”


5. Chapter 2


*Kaylinn’s POV.*

Niall and I were walking to the store to get groceries for a fun filled week. As we got to the store we saw my ex-fiancé, Matthew. When I was about 15 I had fallen deeply in love with this guy named Matthew. He was perfect for me, at least that what I thought, he told me that no one will ever love me because I was ugly. And I believed it. He started getting drunk when we moved in with each other and he would abuse me, with words and with his fist. It made me scared that first, no one will love me, and two, and he’s the only one that truly loves me. One Day, I kept getting texts and I was busy with work, and I opened my first message to see him kissing my best friend. And another text saying that we were over cause he was in love with her. I was shocked and heartbroken, I cried myself to sleep thinking that no one will ever love me. In till that one night, when Niall showed up and danced that night with me, telling me I was beautiful and he wants to marry me. I didn’t think I could trust him, but I did.

“Matthew what are you doing here?” I felt scared but niall put his arm around my waist waiting for the reply. “Kaylinn, I want you back.” I jumped when he put his hand on me. The only person I let them touch me... is Niall. “Mate, I think you better back off.” Niall stood in front of me and I wrapped my arms around his waist, wanting to not fight. “Well, well, well someone finally loves you. Ha that’s funny because you an ugly...-“Niall stepped forward and said, “I suggest you choose your words wisely mate. This girl is nothing but Beautiful.” Matthew and Niall stared off at each other and I grabbed Niall saying, “This is nothing to fight about. I AND HE are OVER! Matthew I don’t want to see you again.” He smirked evilly and said, “Oh but sweetie, you will.” My eyes were watering, no, this can’t happen, he scares me too much.

As we left I was already wiping the tears off my face, Niall walks over and say, “He is never going to harm you again. Understand? Your mine and I love you.” Just hearing those words I kissed Niall on the lips as a sign of, don’t leave me.

*Katie’s POV.*

I had made popcorn and everyone except Kaylinn was back, for Liam we turned Toy Story on. Lely and Zayn were seating on the couch as me and harry said in the armed chair with me in his lap. Skylar and Quinlan sat in-between Louis and Liam’s legs as I turned out the lamp everything grew quiet. Suddenly the door opened and Niall and Kaylinn walked in, with frowns on their faces. “Hey guys. Where’s the food?” Kaylinn sat down on the rug and laid down looking at the TV. I looked at Niall as he sat next to her, “We ran into Matthew.” I looked at Harry, I knew Matthew because he used to hang out with me and my old boyfriend, Alex. I knew Kaylinn got herself into a mess when she came to my house, crying and upset because he broke up with her. Alex and I were also having a hard time keeping this relationship that we had and we decided to call it quits but stay friends.

“What do you mean, you ran into him. Did he touch you Kaylinn?”  Kaylinn nodded her head, the movie night was canceled and everyone was more interested in Kaylinn’s life.  Liam and Skylar were almost shocked, they had never heard the story of her ex-fiancé, Liam spoke up saying, “Wait, how you guys get engaged?” Kaylinn’s eyes adverted everyone’s else’s as I spoke up, “Do you want me to tell them?” she nodded her head as more tears formed in her eyes, “Well, He didn’t do a romantic proposal he just handed her a ring and said, Here take it and be my fiancé. And after they broke up he became the e-fiancé.” Kaylinn had her head buried in Nialls shoulder while she said, “I hate him, and I’m glad I have Niall. But what Matthew said to me at the store scared me the most.” I stared at her, “Which was?”

“He will see me again.” 

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