They Don't Know About Us

4 girls married and 1 about to get married. All to one of the guys in One Direction, and happily they are. But some people don’t like it. Ex-Fiances, forgotten memories, and kids? What happens when lely is pregnant and Zayn worries he won’t be a good dad? What happens when Katie gets into a car accident and lose part of her memory, mostly the part about Harry? Kaylinn’s Ex- Fiance comes back for Kaylinn but Niall doesn’t even want him near her, is a knife involved? Quinlan and Skylar are best friends and they are inseperatable, what happens when a twitter incident involves a heart break and lost friendship?
Find out in this Story
“They Don’t Know About Us”


1. Flashback (introduction)


*Katie’s Pov*

“Where are they?” I looked around looking for Kaylinn and Skylar, also Lely and Quinlan. We haven’t seen each other in years and we were all connected because well... we are married to some of the guys from One Direction. For instance, I’m married to Harry; we met a long time during a concert. No it wasn’t his concert it was a Maroon 5 concert. We bumped into each other and let’s just say it was love at first sight. I still remember it like it was yesterday.


“WHOSE READY FOR MAROON 5?” the crowd went wild as I made my way through it, there were nearby bathrooms so I had to make my way through the crowd to get to the other side, I knew I shouldn’t had the Baja Blast from Taco bell before coming. “Hey watch it!” I hit someone and they snapped at me, “Hey why don’t you watch where you’re going!?” The person turned around and I certainly stood my ground, I so only found out it was a he and his eyes were striking. I looked at him for what seem forever and his face seemed to change expression and turned into a smile, “Well love, it seems I’m in a predicament, I was about snap at you until I saw how pretty you were.” I blushed and tried moving past him, once I did he yelled, “Wait, what’s your name love?” I winked at him and yelled back, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I started giggling and finally made my way to the bathroom.

*couple hours later*

The concert ended and It seemed like it was 1:00 in the morning but it was actually 11:30 p.m. I went through my purse looking for my keys and found them until I hit someone again; it was like I was accident prone or something. “Sorry!” the person I hit said, “Well if it isn’t the girl that snapped at me.” I looked up and smiled, “Hello!” we stood there and I said, “Do you need a ride home? Because I can drive you.” He smiled and got closer saying, “I rather just go home with you.” I turned red. “Sorry lover boy, I don’t roll like that.” He chuckles and says, “Fine, but can I have your number at least?”I smiled and said,”Well I don’t get your name first?” he chuckled and turned alittle red,”Sorry, It’s Harry. Yours?” “Katie.”

*Flashback over*

It was sort of a magical moment between us too, and now it seems like everything is perfect.

I kept looking for Skylar and Kaylinn and Lely and Quinlan, but I didn’t see them, except Quinlan and Elizabeth. “Hey guys over here!” They saw me and ran over with their suitcases. We hugged and I said, “Where are the boys?” Lely (her nickname we used to call her) answered, “They are coming, they stopped at Starbucks to grab us coffee. Zayn was also checking his hair, Oh my it was a long trip.” I giggled at Lely; she had her hair up in a ponytail and had a blue hat on. I loved her outfit; she never went outside without an awesome outfit. As I looked behind them I heard yelling and then I saw Zayn and Louis coming barreling towards me, “Katie!” oh no. BAM! Louis hit me first and we both topple to the ground, “Hi Louis, Hi Zayn!” they helped me up and hugged me and the girls were laughing. “Where are Kaylinn and Skylar with Niall and Liam?” We all sat back down and wait, when I felt someone cover my eyes and whisper, “Guess who?” I giggled and said, “Is it bob?” the hands let go of my face and I looked up to see an angry Harry, “Oh you’re not bob. Ha-ha.” He kissed my lips and said, “You made me mad.” I stood up and whispered in his ear, “How mad?” I heard his chest rumble a little as he chuckled deeply, “Very mad.” I giggled and kissed him. “AHEM!” I turned around to see Kaylinn and Niall with Sky and Liam, Niall had Kaylinn and his bags and he looked tired. “Who ready for a fun week?” I smiled and jumped on Harry’s back and said, “For Narnia!” he started running for our car. They others following close behind with suitcases.

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