Drug Fear

Okay, since me, the author, has a fear of drugs, I wrote this story about a teenage girl who has that too. But there's only one question for Naomi, the teen. Will she make it out without the fear, or will it kill her?


1. When It Came

I was a normal thirteen year old. I was rarely picked on, I had many friends at my side. But when it came, all of that changed completely.

"Naomi!" my mom called to me, "You have to go to bed in a twenty mintues!"

I sighed. I was on the computer, talking to my friends Sydeny and L.A. on Facebook. And at the same time, I was watching my favortie band perform a few of their songs on YouTube. Yeah, Three Days Grace is awesome.

"Okay!" I called back.

I scrolled down the list of videos and found a series of videos called Behind The Pain. Basically, it was said to be about the lead singer of the band's feelings about his past drug addictions. Help others not get addicted to them.

Why not? I thought, The series isn't long and I might learn more about Adam. What I didn't know is it would change my life forever.

So I clicked on the videos, watched all four and went to bed.


I was in a place with all white, being rolled on one of those rolly beds. I felt like I was going to vomit, die, and etc. I opened my heavy eyes more to see all of the members of the band in front of me. Everyone of them but Adam.

"Don't worry, man. You will live to rock another day." Brad said.

"You won't die on us yet." Neil said.

"You can do it, Adam, you can do it!" Barry said.

Then there was a flash of bright light and they were gone. Adam's wife Naomi (I'll explain the name thing later) was there in their place.

"Adam, listen to me. We've made it alive through high school and a few years of marriage. If I had the choice of giving you up for saving the humanity, I wouldn't. You are everything I've ever wanted, you will not die in the hands of those drugs. Not today or tommorow." she said.

I knew she was saying this to the real Adam. It was one of the closest bond between husband and wife. Suddenly, I was starting to lack air. The bed moved faster to the point she couldn't keep up, death was putting it's arms around me.

"You will live, Adam Gontier!!" she yelled, "You will if it's the last thing I do!!!"

Then I woke up from my dream.

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