Summer love

A girl name hayley goes to a summer camp but on the bus ride there she meets a nice lad name Niall and who knows will it be love at first sight???


3. Hayley's P.O.V

Getting up to leave today "fun"! I said as I get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and black toms and I grab my 2 suitcases filled with everything i need for this trip and bring them downstairs. "Sweetie breakfast before you leave?" my mom asks me. "Ummmm... Sure ill just get a bowl of cereal and just eat it". "Okay but you know how long this trip will take right so I packed you little snacks for on the way" she told me. "Okay thanks mom (Honking coming from outside) the bus is here I love you ill miss you" "love you too miss you more Remember to write me but I'll write you first". I first put my bags in the compartment on the side of the bus where it held everyones suff then I get on the bus about 15 kids were on the bus (not many people will ride the bus some of there parents will take them to the camp but my mom always lets the bus take me there an home) I sat down alone towards the middle " about 5 more stops then we will be on our way to the camp" the diver said. I just put in my headphone and listen to the music that is playing and lay my head on the window right next to me. Then the bus stops on the last stop the bus is almost full just a seat next to me and this one kid all the way in the back was open, two boys walk on one of the boys had blond hair with brown mixed in and the other had curly hair brown hair. They both walk on "is anyone sitting there" the blond one says "no you can sit here if you like" I told him he sat next to me and his friend sat next to the kid in the back. "Hey my name is Niall" he told me with a strong Irish accent "I'm hayley is this your first time coming to this camp?" I asked "once this is my second time going, have you been to this camp before?" "Yeah I have." An awkward silence came. It was getting dark out side we still had 6 more hours on the bus to get there at least my best friend Mia will be there she didn't want to take the bus this year so ill just meet her up at the camp. I was getting really tired I fell asleep not knowing that when I was asleep on Niall's shoulder and he was asleep on my head just us leaning and sleeping on each others shoulders.
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