Cheaters that hurt you

Amy is a regular everyday girl. She spend most of her life searching for love. Meeting Niall was the best thing that ever happened. Niall decides to cheat on Amy. Amy speeds off. After life gets better a guy shoots her close to the brain. Luckly living losing her memory was the worst for Niall.
"Amy do u rememeber me?"
"Who are you?"
Tears flow down Nialls face. Niall makes an oath to never cheat on her agian. Will he make Amy remember everything except the cheating? Or will Niall and Amy split? FOREVER!!!!!


2. Chapter 2. Does he like me?

i wake up to a fresh start. Check my phone.


All from Niall. 

1. Hey beautiful you still up?


20. Meet me at the park at about 9:30am theres something i wanna ask/tell you.

I strip out of my PJ's. Then jump into the shower. 

After the shower I dry my hair, curl it, and applie a little make up.

I wore my elmo sweater, skinny jeans and uggs. 

I shoved my iphone down my pocket.

After running to the park i realize. im missing school. 

Crap im A+ student never been absent a day in my life. i cant start now. 

I pull out my phone and text Niall. 

"Niall im sorry i cant make it. I have to be at school."

With out seconds passing he replies.

"Cant you just skip today its really important?"

Well i guess if its that important.

"Sure ill be there soon. :D"

I start to walk to the park.  

Where is he? 

"Boo." Niall jumps out scaring me.

i screamed then laughed so hard.

WE talked for like 2 hours. 

"So what i wanted to ask you is... um... Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks

"You joking. Right?"

"uhhh yea just messing around with an old friend of mine."

"We met yesterday."

"Another joke." hes acting pissed off like he was for reals.

"Niall if your saying the truth then-"

"Then what no. I knew i should never have asked anyway."He says walking away.

"Niall i was gonna say yes but-"

"Really??!?!?" i says excited.


He ran over to me and hugged me. 

I whispered, "I knew it."

"Huh." He aks conused.

"Oh nothing just an inside joke." 

We both start laughing then skip the rest of the school day.

Beautiful day...


Hope you guys are enjoying :)

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