Cheaters that hurt you

Amy is a regular everyday girl. She spend most of her life searching for love. Meeting Niall was the best thing that ever happened. Niall decides to cheat on Amy. Amy speeds off. After life gets better a guy shoots her close to the brain. Luckly living losing her memory was the worst for Niall.
"Amy do u rememeber me?"
"Who are you?"
Tears flow down Nialls face. Niall makes an oath to never cheat on her agian. Will he make Amy remember everything except the cheating? Or will Niall and Amy split? FOREVER!!!!!


1. Chapter 1. The Boyfriend Hunt

Searching for a boyfriend can be hard. All boys are different and are into different girls. Never in my life have I had a boyfriend. I want someone I can snuggle with at night when I'm cold and can lend me there jacket when outside.
'Today students we have an exchange student from Ireland.' My teacher informs us.
I saw a short/tallish figure walk into the room. With sparkling blue eyes and blindfish brownish hair color. Braces on the almost perfect teeth. And the perfect figure.
'Hi I'm Niall.' The boy says.
Instantly I could tell he was looking at me.
'Go ahead and take a seat in the desk next to Amy. Amy please raise your hand.' Teacher says
I slowly raise my hand.
Then class starts.
'Wanna go get some pizza together?' Nialls Irish accent asks.
'Sure. Um... Lets go.'
We walk over to a place called Joeys Pizza palace. After eating a ton of pizza we start to talk to each other and get to know each other.
I now know that he was born in September, his parents got a divorse when he was little, and he's always been into music.
I told him all he wanted to know about me too.
'We need to meet another time umm...' He says thinking.
'Right Amy we need to meet up agian. We can be great friends.'
'I think so too. Here's my number I you wanna meet over the weekend and can't find me.'
I hand him a sheet with my number on it.
'See ya tomrrow at school.'
'You too Niall.'
He's so nice, sweet and Irish.
'He's so amazing. I wonder if he has any feelings for me.' I think laying in my bed about to go to sleep.
I turn to my phone. No text messages. I turn of my light, tv, then go to sleep.
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