Strangers in the Dark

Alye is a normal girl. She has a secret, though. A deep dark secret that only she can know, until she lets somebody into her world.


1. Something powerful

I glanced around the bare room quickly. I set my luggage case on the heavily carpeted floor, which omitted a muffled thunk, and sighed. This was going to get some getting used to. I pulled out a packet of powdered doughnuts and crammed my face, trying not to think of school. Repulsive school. Expesially when it was my first year in high school. My mouth was bulging with doughnuts when I heard a sharp knock on my door. Mum. "Open." I struggled to say.
She opened the door, bringing with her sheets and a blowup mattress. "Oh, thanks Mum." I said while I forced the sticky doughnut substance down my throat. She set them down and left. I sighed. The only reason we came here to cold, ugly London is because all the other stupid schools in the U.S. kicked me out. I was too...weird.
Night was falling rapidly outside my windows. I found my way to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and put on my pyjamas. Then I blew up the bed and curled to it, trying not to cry.
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