Her Eyes

Victoria hunt is a professional lacrosse hopeful. she and her friend, Rachel Cray, are competing in England for the national championship. Victoria, her mother, and her sister Nicole are all in England for about a week. during their trip to England Victoria's mother purchases VIP tickets to a one direction concert. Nicole is excited to meet her future husband, niall Horan. how will she react when niall falls for someone else?


1. to The Concert

Victoria's point of view:

As i brush through my long blonde hair i call my sister Nicole from her room in the hotel.

"Nikki! Hurry. If we don't leave soon we are going to be late."

"Sorry, i want to look perfect for niall. What if he falls in love with me?"

She sings while skipping down the hall to where i stand. I walk downstairs, grab my purse from the coat hanger, and take keys out of it. I kiss my mother on the cheek and run out the door. I buckle my seat belt and flip my mirror down to see Nicole. She is hardly able to sit still. We are a good twenty minute drive from the stadium the concert is being held at. I roam the parking lot for a spot. I find one across the street. I park my car and help Nicole get out.

"Victoria! I am 12 now! You don't have to help me out of the car anymore!"

"Well there are a lot of cars so i need you to hold my hand the entire walk OK?"

"Ugh. Fine!"

I thrust my hand out at her and she grabs it with excitement.

"Obviously my favorite is Niall. Who is your favorite Vikki?"

"I don't know Nicole. I haven't really thought about it to be honest."

" well it should be Louis!"

"But he is Rachel's favorite! I thought we couldn't share favorites?"

" just because Rachel is your best friend doesn't mean she gets to have him! Call her and tell her i said so."

"U are crazy nick! Not now. We are almost ready to go in!"

"Fine! But i call Niall! You cant have him!"

"Okay sweet stuff."

I open the double glass doors. The cold air rushes out and frees me from the humid summer air. We walk in and are immediately engulfed by the crowd. We are taken to the scanning area. We scan our tickets and are taken to the VIP section. You got to love mom for buying us birthday tickets. We are herded into the arena's seating by largely built men. As we take our seats in the front row Nicole is bouncing up and down as she was in the car. I place my hand upon her head to try to steady her. It didn't work very well. Her vibrations just went right through me.

About a half hour later they announce one direction's coming on stage. I am standing and holding Nikki on my back as they start to rise. They all wave and smile at the crowd. They start to sing and Nicole just looses it. She almost falls off of my back because she is waving her arms so hard. She had the right idea too. Niall walked over to where we were standing and grabbed one of her hands. He slowly slid away. He did this in such a way like he wanted to hold her as long a he could. Then his eyes meet mine. The glimmer in his eyes. The way they shine. I look away and focus on the floor. Cement. Interesting. I try not to look at him for the rest of the concert. Every time i do i feel myself get hot. My cheeks and ears mostly.



Niall's point of view:


Gorgeous. More beautiful than any other fan i have ever seen before. The way her eyes sparkled in the light was enchanting. I nonchalantly walk over to harry and tap him on the shoulder.

"Girl. Front row. I need her."

"Really mate? Isn't she just another fan?"

"No harry. This is different. SHE is different."

*concert is almost over*


Vikki's point of view:

I am concentrating on the floor when i feel a large hand on my shoulder. My instinct is to lock his arm and pound him in the face but instead i just slowly turn around. I am greeted by a large man claiming he is one directions manager.

"My name is Paul. I am one directions manager. One of the boys have requested your sisters presence behind stage after the concert."

"Well she is only 12. She cant go alone."

"You may come too."


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