Her Eyes

Victoria hunt is a professional lacrosse hopeful. she and her friend, Rachel Cray, are competing in England for the national championship. Victoria, her mother, and her sister Nicole are all in England for about a week. during their trip to England Victoria's mother purchases VIP tickets to a one direction concert. Nicole is excited to meet her future husband, niall Horan. how will she react when niall falls for someone else?


4. The Big Game

Rachel's Point of view:

Tori's got the ball and I'm right with her, the other teams starting to get closer. I run ahead and get a pass from her and score! We've got the score tied now and we only have a minute left, we just need to score one more time.

"Hey Vic!"


"You run around and up, ill get the ball, and you better be able to score!"

"OK, calm down i can do it.

"Its the championship and this is our last game! One more win and we get 1st place! Do you have any idea how good that is? We could become pros!"

"I know, Rach. Just calm down don't get me nervous, you remember last time you put me under a lot of pressure like this?"

"Yeah i know I'm sorry, OK we're about to start get in position"

The whistle blows and the play starts, one of our other players gets the ball and passes it to me. I run up and scan the field for Tori. Found her, I'm a good 50 feet behind her, i just gotta get a little closer.

  I'malmost close enough when i see someone running at me like a bull at my side. I hope Tori can catch, i have to pass it, its either now or never, i flick it from my stick and everything happens in slow motion. I see the ball going from me to Tori, and after what seems like minutes, i get rammed in the side and time goes back to normal, lets just pray that she caught it.

Yes! She has it! Shes almost to the goal and we only have 10 seconds! C'mon Tori you've got this!

Tori's Point of view:

The last thing i see before turning around with the ball and running for the net is Rachel get rammed in the side, ouch. Looks painful, i really hope shes okay, but right now i need to score, oh god only 10 seconds, please God! Help me out here! I shoot for the net and i cant watch, once the ball leaves my stick i look away just praying it will go in, Rachel's going to kill me if it doesn't...

The next thing i know the crowds cheering and someone comes up and tackles me to the ground.

Its Rachel, of course...


"What? Rach get off of me!"

"No! "

"Seriously, you know i have claustrophobia!"

"Fine..." Rachel says and FINALLY gets off me

"You did it! You scored our winning goal!" She says once i get up and bear hugs me

"What did i just say about my claustrophobia?!"

"I'm sorry I'm just so happy!"

"Alright alright calm yourself lets go get our team picture and then we gotta go back to the hotel!

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