Her Eyes

Victoria hunt is a professional lacrosse hopeful. she and her friend, Rachel Cray, are competing in England for the national championship. Victoria, her mother, and her sister Nicole are all in England for about a week. during their trip to England Victoria's mother purchases VIP tickets to a one direction concert. Nicole is excited to meet her future husband, niall Horan. how will she react when niall falls for someone else?


8. Shopping

Vikki's point of view:

Niall helps me into his car and drives off. By the time we get back to his place, the sun is just on the brink of setting. I grab his red polo and kiss him.


"Don't make me regret that!"


I smile and run into the house. He chases me. I storm up the stairs and make a run fir my room. He catches me by the waist just before i enter. I am thrown over his shoulder and carried back downstairs.


"Stop! Niall! Put me down!"

He somewhat obeys. I am thrown on the couch. He gets on top of me and pins me to it.


"Now what?"


I say with a smirk. He looks over his shoulder and sees Liam standing there shocked.


"I did not need to see that Niall. I'm too innocent!"


He runs away screaming into his room. Niall smiles and leans down to me. Just before his lips touch mine i toll off the couch. He hits the floor with a bang.


"Now i am on top of you!"


He laughs and i kiss him. I quickly run upstairs and ban on Liam's door.


"Go away! I have been poisoned!" I laugh and hear the door click.

"Oh. Its you."

"Don't act so sad Liam!"

"Sorry. I just thought you were Niall."

"Are you ok? I mean he was just on top of me on the couch. Nothing was happening."

"Corrupt little child he is, Victoria! You watch out for him!"

I laugh and walk into my room. I find Louis rummaging through my bag.

"What are you doing?"

"Girl, i think you already know the answer to that." He pauses hoping i will answer, but i don't.

"What are you doing?!"

"What do you expect to wear on your date with my mate? Hey! That rhymes! I feel spacial"

"Oh your special all right." I whisper under my breath.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing. But really. What are you doing in my stuff?"

"Girl! We need to go shopping for you!"

"I only brought enough for a week or so. That is how long we were going to be here for."

He grabs me by the arm and takes me down the hall. Niall is standing on the top step looking puzzled as Louis pushes past him.

"Do i even want to know what you are doing mate?"

"Shopping. She has no clothes for your romantic date."

"Nothing is romantic about nandos, Louis!"

He stops on the bottom step. His jaw drops.


"I just wanted it to be casual for a while."

"So take her shopping. Not nandos! You lunatic!"

"Its fine Louis. Lets just go. Please? Bye Niall!"

I pull Louis out to the car in a change of motivation. First he was pulling me down the hall. Now i am pulling him towards the car.

"So this sister of yours? She loves your date huh?"

"Um, yeah. You could say that. Well yeah. I feel kinda bad. She had to leave England and go home while i am having the time of my life.

*time skip*

We shop until the sun goes down and the moon has rose. We walk in the house quietly and disperse into our rooms. I put my bags on my bed and drift off into sleep. Tomorrow is my date with Niall.

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