Her Eyes

Victoria hunt is a professional lacrosse hopeful. she and her friend, Rachel Cray, are competing in England for the national championship. Victoria, her mother, and her sister Nicole are all in England for about a week. during their trip to England Victoria's mother purchases VIP tickets to a one direction concert. Nicole is excited to meet her future husband, niall Horan. how will she react when niall falls for someone else?


13. Nightmare!!

Rachel's POV

"Hello, Rachel." Tori says and she grins at me evilly. Oh god, please have mercy on me. I run away, screaming.

"HOLY CRAP NUGGETS HOLY CRAP NUGGETS HOLY CRAP NUGGETS AHHHHH!!!!!!" I run into my room and slam the door. I slide down the wall to sit on the floor with my back the door and have my face in my hands. She's going to kill me. My death is coming.

Just then someone knocks on my door. "Ohhh Rachel?" Tori says in a sing-song voice "I know you're in there." I reach up and lock my door. Wait. What happened to my room?

Once I took my hands from my face all I see is a huge mess. Holes in the wall, my mirror, completely shattered.

Tori jiggles the door handle. "Oh locking your door, I see. You'll have to come out eventually, and when you do I'll be here." Okay. I think this girl is going completely insane. She seems completely calm and she's threatening me at the same time. Game over, Rachel. You have lost your last life.

I sigh and start to examine the damage done to my room. I'm guessing Tori did this, since she came out of my room right before i came in here. So here's the gist. Torn up almost all of my clothes, 3 holes in the wall, bed partially broken, mirror shattered, closet ripped apart, laptop destroyed, blinds and curtains for the window scattered on the floor, along with most of my stuff, and it looks like that's just about it. Just wonderful. I walk to my door and grab the handle but quickly stop myself. Tori. Crap, she is like ruling my life right now, I mean I do agree that what I had done was wrong and I did deserve some punishment, but this? This is too far.

"Hey I was thinking if you decide to come out any time soon, we could go to the pool." Tori says, innocently. I feel like I'm having a panic attack. Tori + Rachel + pool/body of water = NO! DROWNING IS NOT HEALTHY!

I walk away from the door after i pull myself together and start to straighten up. Looking closer at what she did, she only left the clothes i didn't really like to piss me off. Well, mission freaking accomplished. I took my mattress off my bed and put it on my floor once i cleared up a space. Then I put the bed frame leaning up against the wall, since it was broken. I flop onto the mattress and fall asleep.

I wake up and look at the clock, 6:34pm. Well guess i should get up. I walk out of my room and down the stairs. I say hi to the boys and walk into the kitchen to get something to eat, I'm starving. When I walk in the kitchen, Tori is in there with a butcher knife. The second she sees me she yells "Payback's a b****!" And is about to stab me when...

Somebody jumped in front of me, they took the knife to the stomach for me. I look down, horrified. I see Louis laying on the floor clutching his stomach.

"Oh well, casualties happen i guess, right?" Victoria says, and gives me that grin she did in the hallway earlier.

"Well, I'll be seeing you in hell!" Vic says as she goes to jab the knife at my stomach.

I wake up, screaming, quite loudly might I add. The boys hear me, and 5 seconds later i hear them at my door trying to open it. It's still locked.

"Are you okay?!"

"What happened?"

"What's wrong?"

"Why were you screaming?!"

I'm bombarded with questions. I'm not even sure who's saying what but all i can say to them is "I-I'm fine." In a shaky voice.

"Love, you don't sound fine, please let me in." Lou says.

"Is Tori out there?" I ask, I am deathly afraid of her right now.

"No, just me and the lads."

"Okay..." I say and unlock the door and let Lou in, locking it behind him.

Louis' POV

We were talking about the problem we had on our hands, when we heard a blood curtailing scream. That's Rachel, we all instantly got up and ran to her room, which was so conveniently locked. Well, you couldn't blame her. Vic was out to get her. We all started asking questions and I'm sure it overwhelmed her a bit.

"I-I'm fine." She said in a shaky voice.

"Love, you don't sound fine, please let me in." I say, I want to help her.

"Is Tori out there?" She asks.

"No, just me and the lads." I say to reassure her.

"Okay..." She unlocks the door for me, but locks it again right behind me.

"What the hell happened in here?!" I asked, shocked. It was a disaster, holes in the walls, clothing torn apart, everything all over the floor.

"Tori." She said, and started to cry.

"Aww love, it's alright," I say and pull her into a hug, "everything's going to be fine."

She continues to cry into my shoulder and i pick her up bridal style and sit on her bed. I don't want to see her cry, I want to make her feel better.

"What made you scream like that, it scared us."

She sniffles, and manages to choke out "I had a dream, well a nightmare."

"It's okay, tell me what happened."

After a minute of her trying to figure out what to say, she tells me, "I fell asleep on my bed, then in the nightmare I woke up, and everything looked fine, nothing was broken, but I didn't realize it too much. I left my room, said hi to you guys and walked into the kitchen." She says and can't manage to get anything else out of her mouth. Rachel was crying uncontrollably now.

"Shh your okay, it was just a dream," I say and hug her closer to me, she seems to calm down a bit, "Could you tell me what happened next." She nods, and wipes her tears from her face.

"Tori, she was there. Sh-she was holding the butcher knife. She looked up and yelled 'Payback's a b****!' and was going to stab me when you jumped in front of me! I saw you laying on the ground clutching your stomach and all Vic had to say was 'Oh, well casualties happen i guess, right?' And then she told me she would be seeing me in hell and was going to stab me too when I woke up screaming." She said, crying still. I swayed with her in my arms, trying to calm her down.

"She would never do that to you, or anybody. I know she is mad at you but it'll get better, we'll fix it."

She looks up at me and I wipe the tears from her face.

"You are absolutely beautiful, you know that?"

She looks away from me "I don't think I am."

I start softly singing 'What Makes You Beautiful'

"Your insecure, don't know what for.
Your turnin heads when you walk through the do-o-or,
Don't need makeup to cover up
Bein the way that you are is eno-o-ough.
Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but yo-ou.." (Blah blah blah you know how the song goes.)

She looks up at me and smiles "I love your voice."

"Thank you, but I hope you know that hen i say your beautiful, i mean it."

She sighs "Whatever you say."

We sit in her room for a while, I'm still holding her in my arms and i notice she fell asleep. I smile, she's cute when she sleeps. I lay her down and I lay with her, my arms still wrapped around her, this feels so right to me. I wonder what she would think. I really like her i just need a chance to ask her to be mine. Soon enough i feel myself falling asleep.

Rachel's POV

Over the next few days i stayed in my room. All. Day. For what I think was 3 days, I'm not really sure. The only time i left was to go to the bathroom. Louis brought me food and water, it's nice to know he cares about me. I was still feeling kind of depressed about me and Tori. I was too scared to go talk to her anyways. I still didn't have a phone since she threw it in the pool, so I was truly alone. I have been feeling so bad about what I did to Vic, it's killing me. I feel like I deserved to be beaten up by her. Well I guess it's time to face my fears of Tori. I take a deep breath, unlock my door, and open it to see Vic standing right in front of me, fist in the air ready to knock.

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