Her Eyes

Victoria hunt is a professional lacrosse hopeful. she and her friend, Rachel Cray, are competing in England for the national championship. Victoria, her mother, and her sister Nicole are all in England for about a week. during their trip to England Victoria's mother purchases VIP tickets to a one direction concert. Nicole is excited to meet her future husband, niall Horan. how will she react when niall falls for someone else?


15. HQ

Victoria's POV

I don't know what Rachel's doing, or where she's going, but I need to follow her. I have a feeling I'm going to need that mask so i grab it right before i leave, I see her driving away, perfect. She can't know in following her but I have to stay close behind. I follow her to the paparazzi HQ. What the hell is she doing now? She gets out of her car and walks to the door as she puts on the mask, I do the same, staying a little behind her. Rachel walks into the head office, what does she think she's doing?

Rachel's POV

Well here goes nothing. I push through the doors of the head office and just pray that this will work. I'll have to keep my mask on or I'm done for. I needed to get the spotlight off of Niall and Vic. This is all i can come up with to do that, so it better work.

I take a deep breath and smile at all the men in the office who are now staring at me. They are probably thinking 'why the heck is some girl in here?' Well they are about to find out. I take off my shirt and throw it on the floor, they gasp and start to smile. Soon enough guys start taking pictures, I was about to take off my flip flops and shorts when I saw Tori run in and stop me.

She whispered in my ear "If your willing to do this to fix this, then I most definitely forgive you." I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. When the guys in the room saw Tori run in they started cheering probably thinking she would be doing this too. I look over at her and she is, I'm shocked, but I guess it will only help shift the spotlight.

Once we were down to only our underwear, I was about to take off my bra but Vic stopped me. She pulled me away and we grabbed our clothes and ran into the bathroom. We put our clothes back on and she gives me the tightest hug i have ever experienced.

"Oh my lord Vic! I think now I'M developing claustrophobia!"

"That's okay! You'll live."

She finally lets me go, and I'm gasping for air. "What was that for?"

"For doing, well, that." She gestures towards the door.

"I had to do something! I feel like i ruined our entire friendship and I've just been feeling so guilty."

"You definitely fixed it though, if you were willing to do that for me i don't think it would be possible for me to not forgive you."

"Thanks, but why'd you do it?"

She grins, "I couldn't let you do it alone!"

I laugh, "Well okay then! How do you suppose we will get out of here without being swarmed though."

"Lets just hope for the best." She says, we put the masks back on and push through the bathroom door. The coast is clear, so we get to our cars as quickly as possible so we won't be noticed.

Tori's POV

After we drive home and walk into the house we hear the boys have the TV on. We walk into the living room and surely enough there are pictures of us on the screen. Of course there aren't names, that's what the masks were for. The boys look at us, then the pictures, then back at us, and this goes on for a minute or two.

Rachel finally yells, "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, YOU PERVERTS?!" While laughing.

They keep staring as us so we both walk away to my room. All we can do is burst out laughing.

"Did you see the look on their faces?" Rachel says.

"I know! They looked absolutely ridiculous. Now this may sound crazy, but I think they know it was us."

We both burst out laughing again. I really missed having my best friend around to do stupid stuff with, just so we could laugh at it. I could tell Rachel felt the same way, too.

"Now since we haven't talked to each other for like 5 days or so, lets catch up." I said.


"Woah woah woah. Hold up, what?!"

"Weeeeell," she said "

ihadadreamwhereyoutriedtokillmeandhecametocomfortmeandstuffandhetotallylikesme!" She said really fast.

"Slow down. I can't understand a word your saying."

"I saaaid," she starts again "I had a dream where you tried to kill me and he came to comfort me and stuff and he totally likes me!"

"Why would I try to kill you?!" I asked.

"Well you already have tried! Remember the pool! And you absolutely hated me! So uhh my dreams think you hate me means you want to kill me." She pauses, "But that's not the point! He likes meeeee!" She does her best to contain herself, but isn't doing a very good job. She is practically bouncing off the walls. I have to wait a minute for her to calm down.

"You done yet?" I ask, laughing.

"I think so." She says.

"Well, Mrs. Tomlinson, don't make me call the paps on you." I say and Rachel glares at me.

"Don't even think about it."

"I'm joking, gosh Rach, calm yourself. You wanna go see if the boys have anything to say yet?"

She laughs and gets up, "This is going to be good."

We walk back to the living room and they immediately stop everything they are doing and stare at us some more. All we can do is laugh.

"May I ask why you are staring at us?" I ask them once i stop laughing.

"May I ask why you were on TV practically naked?" Liam replies. Hm, so I guess they did figure it out

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Limey." Rachel says, nonchalantly.

"So why are ya starin at us?" I ask again.

"Well we kind of saw you on TV barely clothed." Zayn says

"Zayn, i really don't know what you're talking about." I say

"Deny it all you want, but we know it was you guys on there." Liam says. I give Rachel a look, and she nods.

"Alright you chicos  wanna know what happened?" Rachel asks them, all of the boys were in the living room with us.

"Yes!" They all reply in unison. Rachel and I sit on the couch in front of them.

"Okay so I was feeling horrible about this whole situation so i wanted to take the spotlight off of you two." Rachel says

"Then I saw her leaving, and I followed her to the paps HQ. She went into the head office and I followed her in. I saw what she was trying to do and it felt impossible not to forgive her." I say.

"So then she decided to do that with me and then bam instant best friends happy ending yay!" Rach adds.

The boys continue to stare blankly at us. They are trying to process what we just told them I'm guessing. Finally Louis breaks the silence.

"Yay everybody loves each other! Group huuug!" He says and makes everyone stand up and hug.
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