Her Eyes

Victoria hunt is a professional lacrosse hopeful. she and her friend, Rachel Cray, are competing in England for the national championship. Victoria, her mother, and her sister Nicole are all in England for about a week. during their trip to England Victoria's mother purchases VIP tickets to a one direction concert. Nicole is excited to meet her future husband, niall Horan. how will she react when niall falls for someone else?


14. Beating

Rachel's POV

I see Victoria's shocked face standing in the doorway and my first reaction is to slam the door and lock it. So I did. I pressed my back up against the door hyperventilating, I'm too young to die! Vic starts banging on the door yelling at my to open up. I can't. I'm such a wuss.

"OPEN THE GOD D*** DOOR RACHEL!" Tori yelled at me

"No! You are going to kill me, most likely death by drowning! Or maybe with a knife but i don't know!" I yelled back

"What? A knife? Rachel are you crazy? Being locked in your room for 4 days straight has gotten to you."

Oh so it was 4 days? I thought it was 3. Whatever. Same difference, right?

"Uhm never mind. Just leave me alone!"

"Come out and I will!"

I sigh. I unlock the door and open it, bracing myself for the worst. When I realize she hasn't hit me or tried to kill me yet i relax a bit. "Uhm hi."

"Hi. Guess what you're going to be doing today."

"Does it involve swimming?" I say, I feel my face drain of color at the thought of it

"No. I promise."

"Does it involve violence?"

"Maybe." She says and pushes me in front of her into the hall so i can't get back into my room. She takes me to the kitchen and i sit down in between Harry and Louis. Tori takes the seat directly across from me and just stares at me. I feel so uncomfortable.

"Well look who decided to join the living!" Zayn says excitedly.

"Shut up, Chain boy."

"Aye. That was harsh." He says acting hurt.


"I am not! I will have you know I wrestled a tiger once!"

"Really?" I say, excitedly

Zayn laughs, "No! Gotcha."

"You have one cruel soul."

"Says the one callin me names!"

"Well I hate to interrupt," Harry says

"No you don't, Fairy!" I say interrupting him.

"That's okay. But we came up with an idea. Don't you feel bad about what you did to Vic?"

"Yeah, why?" I asked glumly.

"Well she is still pretty mad about it too. So we were thinking that you could put on your lacrosse pads and Tori could beat up on you without seriously hurting you."

"Oh what joy. This has gotta be loads of fun." I say sarcastically.

Tori does another one of those grins at me and I feel like it's burning into my soul. I think I have no choice but to agree to doing it.

Victoria's POV

Great. I finally get my revenge. It's about time, she had been hiding in her room for the longest time. Everyone eats breakfast and Rachel and I get on our pads.

When I go outside i see the boys are waiting for me. Rachel is already out there with her back turned to me. Here comes payback!

I run up to Rachel and slam into her with as much force as i can possibly put into it. She falls to the ground, obviously caught off guard.

Niall's POV

When Vic comes outside Rachel is already here but since her back is turned, she has no idea what's comin her way. Vic takes off running full speed straight at Rach and man did that look like it hurt

"Oooooo" we all say in unison.

"I hope she's alright." I hear Lou say

"Of course YOU would." Zayn says

"Because I care about her!" He says back.

"No, because you got a little crush goin on over there."

Tori rams into Rachel again, she really is trying to make it hurt. It looks painful to me. A few hours of this goes by when Vic finally decides it has been enough.

"I'll stop now, but I can't forgive you for this." I hear her say. Rachel is still laying on the ground as Tori walks away. Soon enough Rachel gets up and comes inside with us.

Rachel is finally done with hiding in her room, she doesn't have to any more. Vic is still a little mad, I can tell, but not as much as before. She's in the kitchen making sandwiches. I go up behind her and give her a hug.

"Hey," I say in her ear "can I have one... Or 2, maybe 3?"

"I guess so." She says

I kiss her on the cheek "See this is why you are the best girlfriend ever, you make me food!"

"Yup." She says and hands me a sandwich she had just made.

I stuff my face with the sandwich, when I finish it I ask "Why you look so sad, love?"

She shrugs "It's just Rachel, I guess. I can't find a way to forgive her even if I tried."

"It's okay, things will work out in the end."

"Yeah you're probably right."

She hands me 2 more sandwiches. I hope everything works out between them, yeah she ruined our date but we can't just hate her forever. Plus Vic practically killed her outside. I eat my sandwiches with Vic and by now it's about noon. Vic and I walk into the living room and Rachel's finally not hiding in her room anymore. Well, that's a start. Everybody was sitting around watching Toy Story 3, I guess Liam put it on. Tori and I sit on the floor since the couches are taken up already. She sits on my lap and i wrap my arms around her, I want to stay like this forever with her.

Tori's POV

~~Time skip to the next morning~~

When I woke up i rolled over looking at my clock. 11:17am. Great Rachel knows I'm still mad at her i guess because she still isn't waking me up. We had a movie night last night and watched movies till about 1am so i was tired anyway. I get dressed, do my hair, and walk down the stairs as i see Rachel grab her car keys and has a mask in her hand as she runs out the door. Well that's mysterious. I guess I have to follow her, can't have her causing any trouble, right?

I grab my mask, Rachel and I both had one cause we made them together last year. We brought them with us here cause we thought we could use them for some fun. I think I'm about to find out if we were right about that.

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