Her Eyes

Victoria hunt is a professional lacrosse hopeful. she and her friend, Rachel Cray, are competing in England for the national championship. Victoria, her mother, and her sister Nicole are all in England for about a week. during their trip to England Victoria's mother purchases VIP tickets to a one direction concert. Nicole is excited to meet her future husband, niall Horan. how will she react when niall falls for someone else?


5. Airport

Tori's Point of view:

I wake up the next morning and I'm greeted by a hyperactive Rachel jumping on my bed.

"Vikki wake up! Wake up wake up wake up!"

"Rachel what the hell are you doing?! Its 9am we still have 8 hours till our flight!"

"I know but i reeeeeaally wanted to go explore London! We haven't done anything since we got here but play lacrosse and sit around and maybe go out to eat!"

"Explorations of London can wait... Tori needs her sleep"

"Whatever fine ill just go set the hotel on fire." Rachel says nonchalantly

"Yeah OK have fun..." I say as i fall back to sleep

Rachel's Point of view:

Wow she is so lazy...

I go to the freezer and get 4 cups full of ice cubes and go back over to Tori. I sit in front of her and say

"Last chance to get up and explore the world with me!"

Tori groans and hits me with a pillow.

"Well that wasn't very polite..." I say and lift up the back of her shirt and pour one cup of ice down her back. Then I pour the other 3 onto her as quickly as i can before she gets up and tries to kill me.

I run as fast as i can to the bathroom and lock myself inside. Tori bangs on the door.

"Let me in so i can kill you!"

"Aw whats wrong Vikki? Did you have to get up early?"

"You have to come out of there eventually! And ill be waiting!!"

I hear her walk away to go grab a chair, and that's when i dart out the bathroom and out the door of the hotel. I run to the elevator and press the button, this is going to take too long, i have to take the stairs. So then I descend the stairs as quickly as i can to get to the lobby and hide next to the doorway. I hear Tori coming down the steps. A second after she comes into the lobby i jump out and grab he shoulders and yell "BOO!" She screams so loud i'm pretty sure i was deaf for a few seconds.

Tori spins around and grabs me by the shirt.

"Stop! I have witnesses!" I say as i point at all the people staring at us in the Lobby.

"You got lucky, Cray." She says and lets go of me.

"Well now that your up, get dressed and lets go explore!"

*time Skip------the exploration of London is over, Victoria and Rachel are now at the airport*

Tori's Point of view:

I can't believe Rach dragged me around for a whole 6 hours. It was 10am by the time we left. Its 4:30, our flight boards at 5, so now we're sitting around at the airport.

Niall's Point of view:

We are at the airport for the second day in a row. waiting for that girl. I think she said she lived in America. i have been sitting in this area waiting for her to show up and try to get on her flight. the boys keep telling me i will probably never see her again. But i need to, i can't just let her go, she was truly one of a kind. Maybe when we go back to tour in America ill see her... Yeah right like that would happen. Plus that's in over a year! How am i supposed to wait that long to possible see her again? I'm constantly distracted by thoughts of her and i cant do anything! Its like she paralyzed my mind.

I've just been staring at the floor the entire time we have been walking through the airport, relying on the guys to make sure I'm going the right way. But then i look up for a a second and i see something, like a little glimmer of hope, i take a second look and i see it.

Her eyes.

I will never forget those eyes as long as i live. No matter how hard i try the image of her beautiful blue eyes will always be burned into my brain. The light blue eyes of an angel on earth, i run as fast as i can towards her, just as she gets up to walk away. You have to be kidding me! I have to catch her before her flight leaves or else I might never see her again. The boys are right behind me trying to catch up, and the girl of my dreams is almost to the plane! I finally catch up with her and stop her, and soon enough the rest of the boys are here too. A few of them accidentally run into me but i don't care at the moment. All i care about is standing right before me.

I grin "I'm sorry, but last time we met i don't think i caught your name"

"I'm sorry but i don't really want to have to get involved with all the drama famous people are in and i don't want the paparazzi at my doorstep one day flashing cameras in my face" she says, while her friend stares at her, dumbfounded at what she just said.

"Please just give me a chance! I have been thinking about you constantly and i cant focus!  I need you! Ill keep you safe from the social media to the best of my ability i promise! You will just need to do what i say and you'll be fine"

She sighs and thinks about it for a minute, "OK fine, but if anything happens i blame you." She says as she pokes me in the chest

"So whats your name? I'm Niall Horan in case you were wondering."

"I'm Victoria Hunt, you can call me Tori, Vic, or Vikki though."

Yes! Finally! A name! And she trusts me to keep her from the paparazzi and stuff. Wow, I'm just smiling like an idiot now, but i don't care, i feel like I'm on top of the world.

Vic waves her hand in front of my face and i snap back to reality.

"Well our flight is leaving soon so-"

"No!" I cut her off "you cant leave! Stay with the boys and me it'll be fun, we have a few spare bedrooms that you girls can have."

Vic looks at her friend and they have some unspoken conversation or something. I'll never understand it. She looks at her mother and sister. They too have an unspoken language. Her mother and sister get in the terminal and walk out of sight.

"Yeah that sounds fun." She says, thank god!

Rachel's Point of view:

Oh my lord

She was serious

She actually met NIALL FREAKING HORAN! Oh my god i'm having a seizure in my brain holy crap and there's Louis! He looks even more amazing in person! And now we get to live with them?! This is madness! Pure insanity! I looked over a Lou one more time and caught him staring at me.

Oh my..

Does he?

No he can't...

I'm just another crazy fan to him probably...


I am screaming inside! I can barely contain my happiness!

*Skipping the ride to the boys' house*

Vic and i look at each other in awe of how big this house it and we haven't even walked inside yet. The second we step foot inside i feel like i am paralyzed. This is so amazing! I don't even know what to say! Me and Tori look around and the second we finally can move again we are running around exploring, it's so fun! I can't believe my eyes! It all looks so high tech and new and surprisingly clean, considering there are five crazy boys living here. So once we finally have taken it all in and settle down we go and see our rooms, the look amazing too! Wow the designer of this house sure was creative.

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