Alone On Valentines? (1D one shot)

Entering the contest Xxh


1. Alone?

    It is freezing cold and it is snowing outside. Its Valentines Day and the boys are off shooting the movie. Im home alone on Valentines Day in my Huge home. Why and How did this happen? Its about 11 am. Noone in sight. I turned on the telly. I heard a Car pull up. I ignored it no way was Liam home for Valentines,so its just the nieghbors. Then i heard the door jiggle and it open. I turned my head. My heart skipped a beat. "LIAM" I screeched. I ran to him. He had a huge grin on his face. "I thought you we not comming." I said. "But im here!!" He replied. He then handed me a vase with 2 roses. "Babe,2 roses for the love i have for you to show when they die my love dies with it." I thought "One of them is fake" He said seeing my face dropp. "Thank you Liam" "I love you!" He said " I love you too im missed you soo much!" I said. "I missed you too." He said back. We then walked to the coach. We sat there for a while. "Toy story?" Liam suddenly asked. "Course" i said. He put the movie in. "But babe i have to leave in 3 days"  I got super sad. "Keep your head up we will do as much as we can" "I love you!'  He exclaimed " Happy Valentines!" I said.

We sat there the rest of the Day in each others arms,even though he had to leave soon we did everything we could to make it perfect.




A/N SOrry about the small font my computer is being stupid thank you all for reading if you do Xx

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