Hard Candy

Kara was just another 17 year old student that hated school, that is until she meets her new science teacher, Mr. Styles, And falls in love with him. When he has to teach the sex ed class what will happen? Will they hook up? Some inappropiate languauge and scenes for under 13


1. Ugh...

"Kara, get your lazy ass up!" My brother Liam said. "Shut the hell up!" I said standing up from bed. "I'm up!" I said. "Are you ready to go?" Liam called after 30 minutes of him waiting downstairs. "Yeah, I'm coming." I said.

*At School*

"Hey!" yelled my best friend, Louis. "OH, hey.'' I said. "Why so sad?" He asked. ''Because, the one teacher I liked, and who liked me retired." I said. ''But, hey I heard we are getting a really hot teacher.'' Lou said. Oh that boy, that flamboyantly gay guy that i loved. ''Oh I hope he's cute." I said with a grin. ''That's my girl!'' Louis shouted. *RING-RING-RING* ''Great, time to go to science and meet the new teacher." I said sounding sad.

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