Hard Candy

Kara was just another 17 year old student that hated school, that is until she meets her new science teacher, Mr. Styles, And falls in love with him. When he has to teach the sex ed class what will happen? Will they hook up? Some inappropiate languauge and scenes for under 13


5. The Start

"Kara!' Louis screamed in excitement. "Yeah,yeah I know, but the weird thing is for a split second he kissed back." I said almost in tears. "Kar, what if he likes you back." "You know he's only 22, right?" Louis asked. "Really?" I didn't know that. "Yes, really." "Now at school tomorrow i am going to stand outside of Harry's door until you too kiss again!" Louis yelled. "WHAT?!" I asked surprised. "Yep."


"Class, today we are going to learn about..." "Could Kara Lynx and Mr.Styles please report to the office?" i heard over the loudspeaker. "Shit!" I whispered to Louis. "Class, I need you to go over sections 3 and 5 for tomorrow." "There will be a quiz." Harry said. *In the hall*

"Kara, did you tell anyone about the kiss?" Harry asked. "Louis, but he wouldn't tell anyone." I said. "Kara," Harry practically cried. "I..I'm... I'm so sorry." I started crying. "Kara,Stop,Kara look at me." I looked at him. "Kara, I love you, I have loved you since the day i first saw you." with that Harry leaned in pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. "Harry, I love you too." I said. "Good, now let's pretend when we get to the office that nothing happened." He winked. "You WHAT?" Fuck, I would know that voice anywhere, Zayn. "You bastard!" Zayn shouted at Harry. "Malik, go to the room now!" Harry said. "No, you took my fucking girlfriend!" "Who do you think tipped the office off about that kissx!" Zayn said. "You son of a bitch!" Harry screamed at Zayn. Harry went to punch Zayn as I held him back, or at least tried to Zayn hit him in the face, all that did was make Harry even madder and he pushede Zayn down and started hitting him. "HARRY! STOP! YOUR GOING TO KILL HIM!" I screamed as i as i saw Zayn falling into unconciecuss. ''I'm... I'm so sorry, I don't know what got into me." Harry said softly. Just then somebody came by and saw Zayn laying in the hall and Harry with bleeding knuckles. "Go get help!" I yelled at the girl. "Kara, no what if they find out I did it, I will go to jail!" Harry said to me worriedly. "He's a minor." "No, he's not,He is 20." I said. "I could still go to jail." Harry said now getting fidgety. "No," I said. "You won't, because, we are running away." I said standing my ground. "Kara, no we are not." He said. "Yes, we are Iturned 18 yesterday." "We are running away." I heard the sirens. "Now, Harry." "Ok, Kara." "Let's go."

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