Hard Candy

Kara was just another 17 year old student that hated school, that is until she meets her new science teacher, Mr. Styles, And falls in love with him. When he has to teach the sex ed class what will happen? Will they hook up? Some inappropiate languauge and scenes for under 13


4. The Anouncement

*3 Days Later*


"Class, today I have an anouncment." Mr. Styles said. ''This will probably be very awkward especially since you are all in high school." He said nervously. "I am going to be teaching you guys sex ed. for the rest of the year." He said now quietly going through papers while talking to us. "Starting today." He said that almost so we couldn't hear him. *RING-RING-RING* "Tahnk god." I said.'' I don;t think I could of taken it today.'' I said to Louis. almost out the door. That is until Mr.Styles stopped me. "Kara, may I talk to you?" Oh shit. "What is it Mr.Styles?" I asked with a fake smile on my face. He was just too hot."Please Kara call me Harry." He said smiling. "Umm, ok." I giggled nervously. "Kara, I noticed that lately you have been very unfocused." "Why is that?" Harry asked. I couldn't do it he was ust too hot. I didn't answer. "Kara?" Harry asked even more concered. He put his hand on my knee. I lost it I ust had to. The next thing I did was...I kissed him. I took his hair in my hands and forced our lips together. The weird thing, he kissed back. Then he pulled away. "Harry, I...I'm so sorry." i started crying and ran out. "Kara!" I heard him scram out the door of the classroom. I ran and ran and ran until I reached Louis's house. He opened the door and saw me crying. "Kar, what happened?" Lou asked very worried. "I.. I ..I...."

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