Hard Candy

Kara was just another 17 year old student that hated school, that is until she meets her new science teacher, Mr. Styles, And falls in love with him. When he has to teach the sex ed class what will happen? Will they hook up? Some inappropiate languauge and scenes for under 13


6. My One And Only



*Two Days Later*

Kara's POV

         "Kara?" "What Harry?" i asked, kissing him on the lips. "I never got got to celebrate your birthday with you." Harry smirked at me. "Oh,

no you are not doing anything for my birthday!" I knew that he would bring this up eventually. "Oh, yes, I am." Hazza started tickling me.

"Kar, I am taking you out." I smiled. "Now, listen I want you to go out with Louis,Danielle and Perrie, okay?" I nodded and went in for another

kiss. "Oh, no." Harry pushed me lightly back on the couch. "You need to get ready." I didn't know what he was up to but I liked it.

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