Hard Candy

Kara was just another 17 year old student that hated school, that is until she meets her new science teacher, Mr. Styles, And falls in love with him. When he has to teach the sex ed class what will happen? Will they hook up? Some inappropiate languauge and scenes for under 13


2. Mr. Styles

I walked in and I saw a very tall brown curly headed boy standing in the front. "Is that our new teacher?" I asked Lou quietly. "I think so." Louis said. "Okay, class." The boy said turning around. My mouth dropped open. In front of the classroom stood a very, very handsome man, green eyes and a beautiful smile. "I am Mr.Styles." He said. "Oh My God!!" All the girls screamed. Louis was right he was hot. I would like to get with that. He was sexy, even sexier than Zayn. Oh shit! I forgot about Zayn, my boyfriend. "Mr. Malik." Mr. Styles said watching Zayn walk into the room 20 minutes late. "You need to be here on time from now on." Mr. Styles said. "You have 1 warning after this, do you understand?" He asked sternly. Oh god he was so hot when he looked mad. "Ugh, he is so hot." I accidently said outloud, not so quietly. "Yeah babe I know I am." Zayn said winking. Holy shit so glad he called that and thought i was talking about him.

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