The Date that Went Wrong

When zayn and Bella go on a date at the park. Zayn goes to get something out of his car and is about to ask Bella to go on tour with him. What Bella doeesnt know is that zayn owes some money to a person and has till next week to pay or he'll take something important away. When zayn comes back he starts running when Bella is grabbed and taken away.


14. On the Plane

I woke up to Niall playing his guitar and the boys singing. I pretended I was still sleeping. "It's time to get up" Liam sang. "We got you breakfast" Louis sang. "It's gonna get cold" Harry sang. " get up to eat it" Niall said. The next thing I knew one of them was jumping on the bed. "It's time to get up its time to get up!" They kept singing. "Zayn" Bella said "what?" "Should we get up?" "If we don't they won't stop" I said. We both rose up. I saw Louis standing on the bed. Liam shirtless. Harry's holding Clover who was wide awake. And Niall with his guitar. "You guts ready to get up now?" Louis asked standing above me. "Yeah" I said. "Alright we have 5 hours until we have to be at the airport to meet Paul" Liam said. "First we'll get the girls, then drop off Clover." Louis said as he got off the bed. "Alright just give me time to get ready" Bella said as she grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom. "I see you got Clover's stuff ready" I said. Harry had the diaper bag around him. Clover was already dressed. "Yeah well when we came up here she was up" Niall said.
****AN HOUR LATER*********
We got in the van and went to go get the girls. They all stayed at one place so it would take up less time. They got in. "Ready?" Lou asked. "Yep" Katie said. "Now off to drop Clover off and to the airport." Liam said.
We arrived at my parents house 20 minutes later. We all went in. "Mum we're here" I yelled through the house. Mum came out with a robe on. " oh give me my granddaughter" she said as Harry gave her clover and the diaper bag. "Now you need to put her down at eight and she's usually up at 7" Bella said. We had to go. I gave Clover a kiss. I held my tears back. We went into the van. "Let it all out you two" Liam said. I had tears rolling down my eyes. I looked at Bella and she was crying too.
We arrived at the airport 45 minutes later. We got our bags out of the can and went inside. There we saw Paul and rushed twords him. There were tons if fans screaming. We managed to get on the plane. Our first stop was America. We took a private plane so we wouldn't have screaming fans sitting next to us. As always we got up and messed around. Bella just sat in the seat staring at the clouds as we past them. "Would the woman in the back please get up and hang either boyfriend and his friends." Louis said over the intercom. "Louis" Liam said "what?" "She's sad that she had to leave Clover maybe she wants time to relax and get over it" "fine but only for a little while" Lou said. Bella got up off her seat and came towrds us. "You dont have to Bella" I said "But I want to have some fun this is my first time going on tour with you guys" she said. "Then you must go through coordination of becoming a air buddy" Harry said "what do I have to do?" She asked. "Hold this and defend your self" Niall said giving her a pillow. Louis came up behind her holding up a pillow. Bella turned around quickly and hit him with her pillow. "Ha thought you could trick me that easily huh" she said laughing "oh it's on now" Louis said "every one grab a pillow boys against girls" Harry yelled. I quickly grabbed a pillow and went for the boys. "Okay on the count of Three each team will go hide" Louis said. "One two three" he continued as we went one way and the girls went the other. "Okay boys here's the plan w scince Bella's team captin of thier group we go for her last so go for any other girl except her.

"Okay girls we go one at a time ill go last so Katie your first" I said. "What do I do?" Katie asked "just go out there and hit them" I said. "Okay" she said as she went out.

I told the boys what to do. I looked out and saw Katie coming our way. "Sh stay here." I said quietly. I saw Katie's foot and I hit her with the pillow. "Katie's out!" I yelled as Katie went back to her seat.
"Taylor scince we know where they are you go next " I said she left
"Follow me" I said we went closer to the girls base. I saw Taylor. "Liam hit her" I said quietly. Liam jumped out and hit Tay with his pillow. "TAYLOR'S OUT!" I yelled as Tay went to her seat.
"Jiah go" I said as I heard Louis scream that Taylor was out.
We moved farther this time. I saw Jiah coming. "Niall you're up" I said quietly. Niall sat there and waited for Jiah. He hit her foot. "JIAH'S OUT" I yelled as Jiah went to her seat. I saw Cailey coming. We stayed there. "Harry" I said as I saw Caileys foot. Harry hit her quickly. "COME IN BELLA YOU CAM DO BETTER THAN THAT!" I yelled. I looked out and didn't see Bella. "Every one spread out!" I whisper yelled. Zayn and harry went and hid in the front seat so they could sneak behind. Liam and Niall went to the middle and I went to the seat behind them. I heard Bella come out. I popped my head up quickly and saw Zayn and Harry behind her. They took thier shoes off and so did the rest of us. Bella was at the end of the aisle now and she still didn't notice us behind her. "NOW!!" I yelled we all tried to hit Bella with our pillows but she ducked. "How did you.." I said. "Don't think ill ever go down that easy she said as she crawled under us got up and ran. "FOLLOW HER DON'T STOP UNTIL WE GET HER!" I yelled everyone followed her. She turned and we lost her. "Bella we know your in here" Niall said. We walked down the aisle.

we were walking down the aisle. I turned around and the boys were sitting in thier seats. I got scared. I kept walking down. I had the feeling some one was following me. I turned around and saw Bella. I swung my pillow at her. She ducked and stood back up. I swung against and her pillow hit mine. This went on for ten minutes until she finally hit me. "I win" she said. "How did you know our plan?" I asked "let's just say that Lou's not a good whisperer." She giggled. " way to g Lou" I giggled. Bella and I sat down. I think she's over Clover now scince the war. "Bella Marshall you are now an official air buddy" Louis yelled. "No one has ever beaten Louis in a coordination before." Liam said. "Bella always won pillow fights when we were younger." Katie said. "Figures." Louis grumbled. We landed in New York 10 minutes later. There weren't as many fans there as in London. A girl went up to Bella. "Bella can I have a picture with you?" The little girl asked. "Of course" Bella said. I was happy that she got over the fact that she might get hated on.
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