The Date that Went Wrong

When zayn and Bella go on a date at the park. Zayn goes to get something out of his car and is about to ask Bella to go on tour with him. What Bella doeesnt know is that zayn owes some money to a person and has till next week to pay or he'll take something important away. When zayn comes back he starts running when Bella is grabbed and taken away.


27. Liam and Taylor

I watched Louis as he slide the ring on Katie's finger. My head immediately turned to Liam. I saw the ring in between his fingers. "Taylor Langemier when we met on New Year's Eve 2 years ago. I found you crying on a bar stool. I sat next to you and asked you what had happened that would make the most beautiful women in the world cry. Your head shot up and you whipped away your tears quickly and told me it wasn't a big deal. I told you that I wasn't leaving you along until you told me so you did. You told me that your boyfriend was making out with another girl when you came. I asked you were he was and I went up to him and had a nice talk with him that you are the most beautiful women in the world and that he shouldn't treat women like that." He said. Louis shook his head and giggled. "What?" Liam asked. "I was there and you completely blew up on the guy telling him that she should be with a man like you who wouldn't do that to her ever and then you punched him" Lou said. "Okay fine I did so what. she does" Liam said. "Anyways I came back and sat back down next to you. Your phone vibrated. I saw the name on the screen and read it. It said that he was to selfish to do that to you and that he's sorry. I took the phone away from you and texted him to never call or text this number again or you'll have two black eyes in the morning and gave the phone back to you. I asked you if you wanted to go out sometime and you said yes." Liam continued. "I want the same answer for this question. Would you marry me?" I didnt know if I was ready or not but I just blurred out an answer. "Yes" Liam got up and put the red ruby ring on my finger. The boys sang kiss you next. They did dance moves infront of us and we played along. They had us sing some of there parts to. "Oh baby baby don't you know you got what I need lookin so good from your head to your feet. Come a come over here over here come a come over here yeah" Bella sang. Jiah sang her part right away after that. "Oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends makin dem drool down their chinny chin chins. Baby be mine tonight mine tonight baby be mine tonight yeah" oh gosh I suck at singing. Here goes nothing. "And if you oo oo you want me to oo oo let's make a moo ove" that was pretty good. *Minutes later* the boys looerd us back towards them. "And let me kiss you" Harry sang and then the boys kissed us! I've never kissed Liam in public before. I have butterflies in my stomach and many things running through my mind that I couldn't concentrate. We walked off stage and went back in the limo.
When we went back to the hotel and into the elevator I took a little nap scince it took awhile to get up there. Zayn woke me up when we arrived on the penthouse floor. When Liam unlocked the door I went into mine and zayns room changed and crashed on to the bed and I was out.
*morning* I woke up to a fimiliar dong. I looked around and saw the girls all sleeping except Taylor who was sitting up. We were in the fricking elevator. I looked at the buttons on the wall. All of them were pushed. "UGH!" I yelled. "Could you hand me my crutches?" Taylor asked like she didn't care. I helped her up and gave her the crutches. Katie, Cailey, and Jiah woke up minutes later. "Good morning" I said "I hope you like staying in an elevator for another 10 minutes" I continued. I grabbed a note off of Jiah's fore head. 'Hope you like your Dailey ride.-the boys p.s we are going swimming when you arrive there should be a plastic bag in the corner with your suits so get changed when we hear the elevator we are coming out.' I shot my head to the corner and grabbed the bag. "Here, get changed" I said giving the girls thier swim suits. We changed and waited for the last bell to ring. I was so mad. I don't know why. I'm used to all the pranks the boys do but this one made me mad. "Guys we should get back at them I've got a way we could to." I said. The girls looked at me with smirks in their faces. "Okay so you know that little closet at the end of the hall" I said. They nodded. "Well when we get up there we should hide there before the boys come out" I continued. "What about me I can't run" Taylor said. "I'll carry you" Cailey said. "We need a note saying that we are at the pool waiting" Jiah said. I grabbed the note that the boys wrote us and the pencil from Jiah's bun and wrote on the back. 'Boys, we are at the pool waiting. Met ya down there:)-the girls' I turned the tape around and stuck it to the back wall of the elevator. We were at the second to last floor. Cailey picked Taylor up bridal style and Jiah held her crutches. The last bell rang. We ran out quickly and got in the closet. I closed the door quickly. I saw the penthouse door open before I could close the closet door. Who ever opened it didn't notice me. "Guys they're already down there" I heard a high British voice say. Louis. I heard the rest of the boys running to the elevator and the elevator door close. "Stay here I bet they'll text me asking where we are. "Alright" Taylor said as Jiah and Cailey helped her get her crutches. About 5 minutes later my phone beeped. I grabbed it out of the plastic bag. It was zayn. "Where are you guys your not at the pool" he said. "Yes we are you just gotta look." "Fine we'll look harder" "okay bye" "bye love you my jingle bell" zayn said. That was his cute and SECRECT nick name for me. "ZAYN YOU'RE ON SPEAKER" I yelled. I heard him laugh. "I'm sorry you can say my nick name you're on speaker too" he said. "Bye my Zayner" I said. I heard Harry in the back ground. "Zayner?" "Yeah" zan said. I could tell he was embarrassed. I hung up. "Okay there are some stairs that go to the supply room in the door we gotta go quick" I said. We ran out and went to the stairs. We were lucky Cailey didn't fall with Taylor in her arms. We were quicker than I thought. It felt like we were right next to the supply room. "Shhhh" I hushed the girls when we went to the door. "Stay" I whispered. I put my ear up to the door. "I think I heard something in that room over there" I heard Niall say. Footsteps got closer and closer. I could tell Katie was scared of the plan being busted. I looked through a tiny hole in the door. I saw Liam Zayn and Harry walking towards us. They got to the door. I looked at the girls and put my finger up to my mouth so they would be quiet. "Girls are you in there?" I heard Liam say. Complete scilence. I looked back out the hole. I saw Zan pull out his phone and call some one. My phone rang. "Shit" I said. I covered my mouth quickly. The door opened. "It's a shame we don't want to do this to you guys but you know the punishment for pranking us back." Louis said as him and Niall came from behind us. I completely forgot about the punishment. "No guys don't I'm serious" I said as the boys came closer. They cornered us. "Here it comes" Louis said as the boys got thier hands ready. "Now!" He continued. I screamed and crawled under Zayns legs. I heard the girls laughing as I got out of the supply room. Zayn followed me. I went behind a porch chair. Zayn infront of it. "You'll be caught either way." He giggled. I couldn't run he'll catch me. I moved left and right. The girls were still laughing. I forgot that I couldn't run and went. Zayn grabbed me. "Zayn please don't you know I'm ticklish" I begged. "Sorry but I can't control my fingers when they start" he said and started tickling me. I bursted out laughing. "You finally caught her?" I heard Harry say. "Shut up and come help me" Zayn said. I got wide eyed. The boys came. "Guys don't" I begged still laughing. They started tickling me too. I laughed harder. "Stop squirming" Niall giggled. "Hold her down" Zayn said. Louis sat on my legs and Niall and Liam held my arms down. Zayn and Harry kept on tickling. I couldn't ex cape but I didn't surrender. "Is it secret spot time?" Zayn asked Harry. "Oh it's about that time" he said. My hands broke free after hearing that. I sat up. "Don't!" I said to Zayn and Harry. "Do!" Zayn said. "Then am I done?" I asked. "Maybe" He said. I laid back down. "I would still hold my arms down if I were you two" I told Liam and Niall. They held them down. Zayn found it. I Bursted out laughing again. "Okay okay I won't do it again I promise." I said in between breaths. They let me go and we went into the pool. After about 10 minutes I took a break. The girls didnt want to swim yet so they were reading on the chairs. The boys took a break with me. Me and Louis walked around the pool. We were at the deep end of the pool. I heard Louis giggle. "What?" I asked. Lou pushed me in. I can't swim if I can't touch the floor.
I was reading my book. Bella and Louis walked around the pool. Minutes later I heard a splash. I looked up quickly and saw Louis laughing but I didn't see Bella. "LOU SHE CAN'T SWIM IN THE DEEP END!" I yelled. "Oh" he said. "YEAH OH!" I yelled. "What do we do?!?" I yelled. "Zayn can't swim I can't swim" I said panicking. I saw Bella struggling. That means she was beginning to drown. "LOU DO SOMETHING SHE'S DROWNING!!" "What am I supposed to do?" He asked. "I DON'T KNOW GO SAVE HER!" I yelled. I saw Harry dive under. He grabbed Bella and went back up. "Don't just stand there help me get her up here." Harry said. Everyone rushed over and hoisted Bella up. I looked at her. Motionless. Unconscious.
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