The Date that Went Wrong

When zayn and Bella go on a date at the park. Zayn goes to get something out of his car and is about to ask Bella to go on tour with him. What Bella doeesnt know is that zayn owes some money to a person and has till next week to pay or he'll take something important away. When zayn comes back he starts running when Bella is grabbed and taken away.


41. Chapter 41


I climbed up to my bed. Riley called again earlier. He said that if I didn't take him back he would come for me and Clover and make us live with him. I told Cailey and she told me to just relax Riley won't find you if we're always moving. I cried myself to sleep.


 I woke up and the bus was moving. I turned my head and saw Harry with Clover in a baby carrier, making breakfast. I giggled and put my head back down on my pillow. I heard someone climbing the ladder to my bunk. "Jingle Bell" Zayn said. "What" I said into my pillow. "It's time to get up. "Are we gonna get there anytime soon?" I asked. My face was still in the pillow. "Not for another 3 to 4 hours, but we might stop somewhere to eat lunch and the bus is to big for any drive thru." He said. "Alright, I'm coming." I said sitting up. I grabbed my cut off shirt and jean shorts. I went in the bathroom to change. I put my hair up in a messy bun. I went out. Clover was still with Harry in the baby carrier. Cailey gave me a plate full of meat. "Eat up" She said. I sat down on the island and began eating. "So did you forget about hm-hm?" Cailey said when Zayn walked into the bathroom. "Not really." I said. "Forget about who?" Harry asked. "Riley, he called yesterday and he's beginning to blackmail me." I said putting my plate in the sink. "He's still not over you?" Lou asked. "Apparently not." I said. "Hey, yesterday I saw something and I had to ask you, what kind of tattoos did you guys get?" I asked. The boys looked at each other. Louis rolled his sleeve up. Hiss tattoo was a heart and inside it was 'Louis Tomlinson + Katie DeVoss 4-23-13' that's when they're getting married. Liam's was 'Liam James and Taylor Marie Payne' with an infitity sign next to Payne. Niall's was a portrait one. It was him giving Jiah a piggy back ride except it was cut half way down. Harry's was Cailey's first and middle name with 'Styles' as the last name. Zayn came out. "What tattoo did you get, babe?" I asked him. He took his shirt off and turned around. He got a portrait as well. It was the first picture of me, him, and Clover at the hospital. I gasped at the sight of it. Zayn put his shirt back on and sat down on his bunk. I looked out the window. We were in the middle of nowhere. Well, there were farms, but otherwise it was just grass or woods. "Do you think we could pull over and go outside?" I asked. "Stop the bus!" Niall yelled. The bus stopped. "Let's go" he said. I stepped out side without shoes. I walked onto the grass. It felt good on my feet. The summer breeze was refreshing. I stood there for a while. I felt something wet hit my back. I turned around and saw Zayn with a water gun. He threw me one. I pumped it and squirted him back. The others joined in. 10 minutes into it I was just about soaked. Mostly because Zayn had the super soaker. Harry came out of the bus with Clover still in the baby carrier. "Bella, phone's ringing." He said. I ran into the bus calling timeout. I grabbed my phone and read who was calling. Riley.

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