The Date that Went Wrong

When zayn and Bella go on a date at the park. Zayn goes to get something out of his car and is about to ask Bella to go on tour with him. What Bella doeesnt know is that zayn owes some money to a person and has till next week to pay or he'll take something important away. When zayn comes back he starts running when Bella is grabbed and taken away.


37. Chapter 37


I put my hair in a fish tail braid and did the same to Caileys hair scince she doesn't know how to braid. It was a perfect day, not a cloud in te sky, only a small breeze. The girls and I waited outside for the boys. "So are you excited for what Zayn has I store for you?" Taylor asked. "YES!! I have no idea what's going on in his mind and who knows what could happen to ruin it all. Are you excited to get rid of those crutches tomarrow?" I asked. "Yeah but not that much." Taylor said. The boys came out. "Ready?" Niall asked reaching out for Jiah. "Ready." Se said grabbing his hand. We started walking to the stadium. I was starting to get butterfly's. I don't know why, if its because its my birthday, or what. At the stadium, me and the girls stayed in the back where the fans would sit to see if we could here from back there. "Can you here us?" Louis said. "YEAH! CAN YOU HEAR US?" Taylor yelled. "What? All I heard was Yeah can you." Niall said. "NEVERMIND" Tay yelled. The boys began to sing. "Do you guys know what Zayn's gonna do for me?" I whispered. "Yeah Niall told me last night." Jiah said "But I'm not telling" she continued. "Please Jiah, just one hint." I begged. "No, if I give the simplest hint, Niall will never trust me again." She said. "Fine" I said leaning back on the wall. 


The boys were still rehearsing and it was lunch time. We sent Jiah and Taylor out to go get McDonalds or something. "This rehersal is longer than the others." Katie said. "We started earlier too" she continued. My phone started to ring. It was a random number. "Hello?" I said. "Hi, um, is this Bella?" The voice asked. "Yeah, why?" "Well, this is Riley, you know your ex, and I want you back" He said. I haven't seen Riley in 3 years and he now decides he wants me back. "Who is it?" Katie asked. "Riley" I said. "From high school?" She asked. I nodded. "Riley, it's been a while scince I last saw you SNOGGING another girl." I said into the phone. "Bella, I'm sorry I was stupid to do that to you, take me back, please?" He begged. "Riley, I'm engaged now, and I have a child, besides we had a good run. We dated from when we were 10 to 18 and you were to scared to hold my hand." I said. "Who are you engaged to? You're celebrity crush Zayn Malik or whatever his name was." He said. "Acually yes, and Clover is his child. And you said that I would be over them by now." I said and hung up. He called back and I ignored it. Jiah and Taylor walked in with our food. "Taylor tell them what you told me in the car." Jiah said nudging Tay. "Okay, okay.... I'm pregnant!" She blurted. We squealed in excitement and started hugging Taylor. "The bad thing is, I don't know w t tell Liam." She said. "Just tell him tomarrow when he wakes up." Katie said, "That's when he's in his best mood." She continued. The boys jumped off stage. "Let's go see what we can do around here for a few hours." Lou said

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