The Date that Went Wrong

When zayn and Bella go on a date at the park. Zayn goes to get something out of his car and is about to ask Bella to go on tour with him. What Bella doeesnt know is that zayn owes some money to a person and has till next week to pay or he'll take something important away. When zayn comes back he starts running when Bella is grabbed and taken away.


29. Chapter 29

After the others left I got up and grabbed my lap top. "Tay do you want to video chat with me?" I asked her. She nodded. I video called Zayns mom (sorry I keep forgetting her name). She answered. I saw her and Clover. "Hi how's everything back at home?" I asked. "Just wonderful Clover's been such an angel but she misses her mum and dad so much" she said. I teared up. "So where's zayn?" She asked. "He and the others went out to eat." I said trying to hold the tears back. "So how's the trip turning out for you?" She asked. "Well today I almost drowned and Taylor broke her leg the other day going down the stairs. But the first concert was the best night of my life. And I'm sure Taylor's was last night." I said. "Yep" Taylor said as she came closer to me. "And why's that?" She asked. Me and Taylor held up our rings. She gasped. "I know right?" Taylor said. "They said the most wonderful things about how we first met" I said. "I bet Zayn and Liam are very happy that they'll have a beautiful woman in their lives for ever." Zayns mom said. "Aww that's so sweet of you to say." Taylor said. Clover started crying. "Oop I better get going Clover needs a change" she said. I was still holding tears back as hard as I could. "Okay bye. I love you Clover" I said. "Bye see you later" she said and hung up. I closed the lap top. "I'll- ill be right back" I said as I got up. "Okay don't be to long Pitch Perfect is in next and I've been dying to see it." Taylor said. "I won't be that long" I said and went to my room. I closed the door and locked it. I payed down put my face in the pillow and started to cry. I missed Clover to much. After about 10 minutes of crying Taylor called me. "Bella the movies starting!" She yelled. "*sniff* I'm coming!" I said. I wiped the tears away. I went out and sat by Taylor and watched Pitch Perfect.
We just went to McDonalds scince we weren't in the mood for fancy food. We decided to get it to go so Bellas and Taylor's food wouldn't get cold. It took us a while but we finally found it. We got our food and headed back to the hotel. When we arrived it was 9 o'clock. A little late to eat but oh well. We walked into the penthouse. I saw Bella and Taylor next to each other on the couch as I entered the living room. "Hey you guys your foods here" I said. They got up. Bella went by me with out even touching me. "She misses Clover. She video chatted your mum and Clover started crying. I saw that she was upset when she came out to watch a movie with me so take it easy with her okay?" Taylor said. "Oh okay" I responded. Bella grabbed her 10 piece and went into our room. I followed. "Hey love I heard what happened." I said as I shut the door. Bella shot her head up then looked back down slowly. "Oh yeah" she said. "After you're done eating you better get packing we're leaving here tomarrow and moving onto the American bus" I said. "Okay" she said with food in her mouth. I started packing all my stuff. Minutes later Bella got up and started packing. She went into the bathroom and got all her hair stuff and put it in a separate bag then the clothes. After I got done packing I crawled into bed and fell asleep.
I didn't want to go to sleep so I didn't. I grabbed my iPod and snuck out the door. I went outside and put my earphones in. I started walking. Minutes later I had that feeling that someone was following me. I turned around and saw no one. I kept walking but a little faster. I still had that feeling. It got stronger. I started running. I heard footsteps now. I was grabbed and pushed against a brick wall. "Now where do you think you're going?" I heard the man say. It was the life guard we payed to leave the pool. "Let go of me!" I yelled. "Now don't be so harsh" He said. His breath smelled like beer. He was obviously drunk. "What do you want?!?" I yelled. "I just want a little something." He said. He started to pull off my sweatshirt. "HELP!!" I screamed.
HARRY'S POVthe life guard didnt stop trying to undress me. "HELP!!" I screamed again.
I saw Bella go out the door. I followed her with out her noticing to see where she was going. I started walking behind her. She looked back. I hid behind I pole. She started walking again. I saw a guy that looked familiar behind her. Bella started running. So did the man and I. She was to fast for me. I stopped to take a long break. "HELP!" I heard Bella scream. I started to run again. "Help!" She screamed again. I finally found her. The man that was following her was trying to strip her. He got her sweatshirt off and was trying to take the shirt off. I ran over to him and punched him. He went to the ground. I turned to Bella who was sitting on the ground crying. I helped her up. She hugged me. "Thank you Harry" she said. "Not a word is said to zayn." She said. "Okay" I said. "Promise?" "Promise" I said. We went back to the penthouse and i went to sleep.
It was only 12 and I'm still not tired. I sat down on the couch, got my eyepod out and clicked Netflix. *3 hours later* okay 2 hours till the bus gets here and 3 till everyone gets up. I watched 2 episodes of Pretty Little Liars. 1 more hour. What to do. I walked around the penthouse for a while. I played temple run for 10 minutes. 40 minutes. I decided to watch another episode of Pretty Little Liars. 10. I went on twitter. More hate mail. I deleted it all except for the ones that weren't. I gained more followers. I looked to see if the one that I wished would follow me. I started freaking out. Channing Tatem is following me!!!!!!! I pressed the button right away so I wouldn't explode. I was in there for only 5 minutes. I looked outside. The bus pulled up and the driver got out. About another 5 minutes later I heard I knock at the door. I rushed over there quickly. "Hello ma'am I assume you are zayns girlfriend scince I've met the others." The driver said. "The bus is ready you can take your stuff down now." He continued. "Okay ill be down with some stuff." I said. We said good bye and I closed the door. I went into our room quietly and grabbed my stuff.
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