The Date that Went Wrong

When zayn and Bella go on a date at the park. Zayn goes to get something out of his car and is about to ask Bella to go on tour with him. What Bella doeesnt know is that zayn owes some money to a person and has till next week to pay or he'll take something important away. When zayn comes back he starts running when Bella is grabbed and taken away.


18. Chapter 18

"So what do you want to do" Bella asked as we sat down on the couch. "Twit cam?" Liam asked. "Liam you always do twit cams" Louis said. "No I don't" Liam hesitated. "Honey you do" Taylor said. "You did one last night" she continued. "You have no proof" Liam said. "It's already on YouTube" Niall said. "Shoot" Liam said under his breath. "Well twit cam is out. What else?" Cailey said. I looked around and saw a wii. It had a Mario kart case by it. "Mario Kart?" I asked. Everyone agreed. There were only 4 players at a time. The winner had to pass there remote to someone else. First was. Harry Katie Niall and Taylor. Katie won and passed her remote to me. This went on for 2 hours. Jiah and Louis wanted to play one more round. They just played. Louis won. "YEAH!!!" Louis yelled. It was 2. We still had 3 hours. "What else?" Katie asked. "There's laser tag down stairs." Niall said. We went to the room where there was lazer tag. We decided boys verses girls. Boys blue girls red. We split up.

Me and the girls went on one side and the boys went on the other. The girls decided I was team captin. "Okay Taylor and Katie you watch the base. Me Cailey and Jiah will go for the boys." I said. They nodded thier heads. The buzzer to start went off. Me Jiah and cailey went to the other side of the room. I heard Jiah's vest go off. She's out. I shot the person that shot her. It was Harry. His vest went off. "One down 4 to go" I said to Cailey. We had certain sounds to our vests I heard 4 more go off. Katie Taylor's Liam's and Nialls. "Okay make that 2" I said. "Cailey me and you need to split up. She nodded. She went one way I went the other. 5 minutes later I heard her vest go off. "Two against one Bella" I heard Louis yell through the room. I got scared and I went to find a hiding spot. I hid in a corner. I saw Louis coming. As soon as he came infront of me I shot him. His vest went off. He sat down and turned his gun off. I ran to find anther spot to hide. I turned and I ran into zayn. We both dropped or guns. I grabbed mine before zayn could grab his. I got up and pointed my gun at him. "Move another muscle and I win" I said. He put his hands up and stood up. He kicked his gun to me. I picked it up. He stood still for a few minutes. He grabbed my waist pulled me closer and kissed me. I kissed him back. He grabbed a gun from my hand while we kissed. All of a sudden my vest went off. "I win" zayn said as we stopped kissing. We went out and saw the others. "So who won?" Cailey asked. I pointed to zayn. "How?" Louis asked. "He kissed me grabbed his gun and shot me." I said. I looked at the clock it was 4. I couldn't believe we were in there for 2 hours straight.
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