The Date that Went Wrong

When zayn and Bella go on a date at the park. Zayn goes to get something out of his car and is about to ask Bella to go on tour with him. What Bella doeesnt know is that zayn owes some money to a person and has till next week to pay or he'll take something important away. When zayn comes back he starts running when Bella is grabbed and taken away.


1. It all went wrong

Bella's pov
I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It was zayn. " Hey Bella, can you come for a walk in the park with me?" I heard him say through the phone. "Sure." I answered. I got dressed and met him outside. We drove to the park and got out if the car. We started walking "hey, I'll be right back I forgot something in the car." Zayn said "okay" I answered. About three minutes later I see him running twords me. I was confused and just stared at him. " Bella look out!" He yelled. I felt two hands grab me tightly and pull me. I screamed in terror. I was thrown into a van, and tied up. I couldn't tell who it was over there mask. Then they closed the van door, started the engine, and speed off. All I could see was zayn running to the van. I guessed they were out of tape because someone had covered my mouth. I licked it so they would let go but they didn't care. All that was on my mind was how would I escape and why did they want me?

Sorry this chapter was so short. I'll try and make the next one longer and more exciting. Please like and/or comment what you thought.:)
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