It was simply lucky✩

He sees her, she sees him. Love at first sight. You're kidding right? Every girl wants her fairy tale ending. But when she meets 1/5 of One Direction on her birthday, it's impossible to have a typical love story. Was it meant to be? Or was she just lucky?


6. Where Do You Think Your Going?

The girls and I had gone back to my place to get ready to see the boys walk the red carpet. I only lived about a twenty-minute drive from crown hotel.  

"So boys, what award are you presenting tonight?" asked Taylor

"We're presenting 'Best Female Talent' and then performing One Thing after the golden logie winner is announced." replied Louis.  

"Awesome. Well the girls and I are going to watch you walk the red carpet and then leave after your performance." I said.

"We can give you the hotel key so you can come in here after we walk the red carpet if you want? Then we can see you girls after the performance and say goodbye." said Niall.

"That sounds great." I smiled.

"Okay boys, let's do this!" said Harry.

We all left the hotel room. The boys went with Paul to go and get their hair and styling done before walking the red carpet. The girls and I went down to the ground floor of the hotel and walked through to the crown atrium.   We knew that we would have to wait about an hour before the boys walked the carpet. There were heaps of Directioners waiting to see them walk the red carpet. The girls and I were at the front of the small barricades. While waiting for One Direction, we spoke to some really big fans. We spoke to these five girls for ages. We didn't say anything about us spending time with the boys. Deanne, Lauren, Darcey, Olivia and Jamie all came from different parts of Victoria and just drove down to the crown atrium just to get a glimpse of the their favourite boy bands.

"OH MY GOD IT'S THEM" Deanne screamed as she saw the boys walk up the stairs of the atrium.   The boys were standing on the stairs looking around the atrium. I could see that they were surprised by the number of people waiting just to see them. After the boys had looked at most of the areas of crown, they turned to the section were the girls and I were standing with about 70 fans. Niall blew a kiss, Liam and Harry waved and Louis and Zayn couldn't help but just smile.

You could see how much they truly love and adore their fans.   "LOUIS, ZAYN, LIAM, NIALL, HARRY, IT'S THEM THEY'RE REAL, LOOK ITS PAUL." These were the only words I heard for a few minutes.

Every single girl was hysterical. There wear tears, screams but every single one of them had the biggest smile on their faces.  

The screams had stopped, the tears had stopped but nothing was going to wipe the smile from every girls face. We said good bye to the wonderful girls we met while standing at the front of the barricades. Abbey, Taylor, Carly, Chloe and I decided we would go back up the boys' hotel room. We knew that the boys wouldn't get back until around 11:30 so we could say our final goodbyes.  

We went up to the hotel room and turned the television on to watch the boys present an award and to see them perform One Thing to all the Australian actors and actresses. As always, their voices were perfect and their performance was Incredible. It made me and the girl laugh when we saw some Australian comedians dancing and singing along to the boys.   About half an hour after the boys had performed there was a knock on the door. Chloe went and opened the door and it was the boys. It was getting pretty late now, we had to go soon. I really didn't want to say good bye to Niall for the last time, probably ever. Taylor, Carly and Chloe all said goodbye, so was Abbey, but she was stuck hugging Harry for a long time. They exchanged numbers so that they could keep in contact. Now, it was time to say goodbye to Niall.

"Hey where do you think you're going Isabel?" he said.

I turned around. There he was holding the 'Finding Nemo' DVD.  

"You promised." he said.

"I did promise, didn't I?" I smiled.

I said goodbye to the girls.

Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry all joined Niall and I on the couch getting ready to watch the movie.

"I'm really hungry. Before we start do you all want to go and get some food?" asked Niall

"Yeah we'll go to the McDonald's on the ground level and get something there." said Louis.

We all got off the couch and walked out of the hotel room. 26 levels later, we reached the bottom level. As the elevator doors opened, there were around 20 girls all in the middle of the lobby.  

"OH MY GOD IT'S THEM." Girls were screaming and shouting as they ran over to the six of us.

"Boys can we get your autographs? Boys can we get a photo with you? Boys can you please talk to my friend on the phone?" were just some of the questions asked.

I quickly ran to where the elevator was to avoid being mobbed by these fans. A few girls looked at me saying "Who is she?"

and "What is she doing with the boys?" I spotted a fan taking a photo of me.  

The boys had been signing things, taking photos and chatting with the girls for around ten minutes until I walked back over to them and we made our way to McDonald's.

"Can we please get 6 medium fries, 6 chocolate thick shakes and 6 chocolate sundaes?" asked Zayn.   We collected our food and made our way back up to the hotel room. We sat back on the couch eating our McDonald's and getting ready to start watching 'Finding Nemo'. It's surprising how much we all enjoy a kid's movie. Around half way through the movie, the boys started to yawn.

"I think I'm going to go to bed now." said Liam.

"Yeah I think I will too." replied Harry. Louis and Zayn agreed also.

"Bye boys, have a great concert in Melbourne tomorrow night!" I said.  

"Bye Isabel, it was great meeting you." They all said.  

Now it was just Niall and I on the couch.

"Come here babe." said Niall.  

I got up and sat myself next to him on the couch. He out his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in. My head was resting on his shoulder. The movie continued to play. After about 40 minutes the movie had stopped and it was time for me to go.   "I guess it's time for me to go." I said. I didn't want to leave Niall though.

"Please don't. How about you stay here on the couch tonight? After all, it is my last day in Melbourne tomorrow."  

"I guess I can." I replied to him.   We couldn't stop looking into each other's eyes. He slowly moved his head towards mine until our lips touched. 

"I don't want you to leave." I said. 

"I've got to work beautiful, but Australia has been so much more amazing now that I've met you."  

He got out the spare blanket from the hotel cupboard as I picked up one of the pillows from the couch. I lay down on the couch and Niall put the blanket over me.

"Goodnight" I said.   "Goodnight babe." said Niall as he kissed me on the cheek.

I couldn't sleep, I just kept thinking about him. I had only known Niall for a few days but I was so in love. I woke up to a massive bang at the door. I got off the couch to see who it was. It was one of the hotel employees with a tray full of cookies and milk. Liam walked out of his bedroom.

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